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But I won't shy away from a challenge.

Juneau Empire

If you think the Mendenhall Mall is dead, you haven’t been there lately.
The story starts with a group of teens in the mid-’90s. Now, the park is heading toward a new era.
The Southeast Alaska starter kit would look something like this: An Alaska Airlines credit card, a pair of Xtratufs, and a copy of “90 Plus Short Walks Around Juneau.” And after about six months, the 128-page paper booklet should be trashed — if you’re doing it right.

Bird and Conservation Writing

Here’s a breakdown of the history of these life-giving zones in Alaska’s Western Arctic, and how Audubon Alaska staff helped to protect some of the most unique places on the planet.
How to combat the invasive European Starling at the home level for the good of Alaska’s native birds.
What are D-1 lands protections, how are D-1 lands vital to biodiversity, climate change, and Alaska Native communities, and why are 28 million acres on the table right now?
Comment period ends on Feb. 28 for timber sales schedule affecting Prince of Wales Island community.
There’s been a lot of talk about Alaska bird tourism dollars lately. Why? We’ll give you a key-points summary.
If you’re new to town, visiting, or just enjoying an extended stay, here’s a starter guide to birding in beautiful Juneau.
For Arizona, the 2020 wildfire season was one of the worst in 10 years. Will 2021's fires be as heinous?
Wren House Brewing Co.'s new U-9 Lager, named for a single tough burrowing owl, aims to bring awareness to burrowing owls with Audubon Southwest.
Nearly 100 native plants were installed at Arizona Wilderness DTPHX to attract Arizona birds, insects, and pollinators. 

Phoenix New Times

A monthly series on the growing problem of food waste and what some eateries, officials, farms, institutes, and everyday people are doing right.
Recounting those wild nights at Tempe's best dive bar and how a whole community banded together to save their neighborhood watering hole.
Bars and restaurants are opening all over Phoenix by former members of the music scene. But why is this happening now? The answer is pretty sweet.
These cash-only bars in metro Phoenix won't be switching to contactless payments anytime soon. 
 These joints — listed alphabetically, not ranked — are the 100 best drinking destinations in metropolitan Phoenix, according to us. And we would know. 
Browse, discuss, or live by Triple Digits — our guide to 2020's best 100 restaurants in metro Phoenix, assembled by New Times food editor Lauren Cusimano.
Native food and edible plant seeds are free to Maricopa Community Colleges' students and faculty, as well as the public, via the Maricopa Native Seed Library.
Chris Nelson, the founder of Nelson's Meat + Fish, outlines shopping tips for seafood consumers in the desert, like befriending your fishmonger.
There’s a tree in the kitchen at Roman’s Oasis, a multiroomed roadhouse-style bar and dancehall that's been serving up drinks in Goodyear since 1986.

Higher Education Writing

A professor at the Maricopa County Community College’s South Mountain Community College, the 51-year-old entrepreneur, educator, trained pilot, and voice in the space exploration community was announced as a final crew member of the Inspiration4 space mission in March 2021.
 If you have a head for business and are hoping to take the next step, Phoenix College can teach you professional best practices and the skills needed for tough decision-making.
Flexible, online programs from Phoenix College are perfect for professionals who want to boost their career, join the modern gig economy, or are just curious.

travel writing

Romantic accommodations, delicious dining, unparalleled scenery, and Instagram-worthy photo ops — it all comes together during a romantic honeymoon in Niagara Falls USA.
One of the most diverse states in America, California features everything from the metropolis that is Los Angeles to the largest trees in the world at Sequoia National Park. 
If you're more of a doer than a lounger, Arizona features an array of hiking options for the clothing-optional.

More food and drink Writing

We've selected the best bar in every state, even in exceptionally challenging places like New York, California, and Oregon that have an almost overwhelming abundance of awesome bars
Fish and seafood are absolutely delicious when done right — and absolutely disgusting when prepared incorrectly.
Every major supermarket conglomerate has a humble origin story, and Albertsons is no exception.