Lauren Aulet

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I am a fourth year graduate student at Emory University in Stella Lourenco's Spatial Cognition lab. At Emory, I also collaborate with the labs of Daniel Dilks and Gregory Berns. As an undergraduate, I studied psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science at SUNY Geneseo where I conducted research with Jeffrey Mounts and Ganie Dehart.

My current research examines the link(s) between number and space, incorporating multiple techniques (behavioral and functional imaging), developmental populations (infancy, childhood, and adulthood) and species (human and canine).

In particular, my current work focuses on two questions:

1) What is the functional significance, if any, of the mental number line? How does the developmental trajectory of this phenomenon inform this question?

2) What is the relation between numerosity and other non-numerical magnitudes, particularly in the visual domain? How do these other dimensions, such as area or density, influence our perception of numerosity?