Lauren Aulet

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drawing courtesy of @mcxfrank from Cog Sci 2019 (Montreal)

Lauren S. Aulet is a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University with Dr. Jessica Cantlon, where she leverages behavioral, neural, and developmental methods to understand how humans represent numerical concepts. She received her PhD in Psychology (Cognition & Development) from Emory University, in Dr. Stella Lourenco's Spatial Cognition lab. She also collaborated with the labs of Dr. Daniel Dilks and Dr. Gregory Berns to understand the neural mechanisms underlying number perception in humans and dogs, respectively.

Most broadly, Lauren interested in how humans parse and make sense of their visual experience. Primarily, her work examines how we perceive and represent numerical magnitude (how can we tell how many objects are present in a scene?), as well as non-numerical magnitudes (e.g., size, brightness, duration, distance). In this work, she incorporates multiple techniques (psychophysics and functional imaging) and developmental populations (infancy, childhood, and adulthood).