Laura Cantini

CNRS Researcher

About Me:

Welcome to my webpage. I am Laura Cantini, CNRS researcher at the Institut de Biologie de l'ENS (IBENS). My research aim is to further our understanding of the human genome in normal and disease state. My specialty is the development of methodologies and tools aimed at jointly analyzing multi-omic data at bulk and single-cell resolutions. I then apply the developed tools to gain mechanistic insights in many human diseases and systems.

My Curriculum Vitae:

  • 2021 - Present Prairie chair

  • 2018 – Present CNRS Researcher at IBENS, Paris

  • 2018 (3 months) Visiting researcher in Manolis Kellis’ lab, MIT, Boston USA

  • 2016 – 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow INSERM U900, Institut Curie, Paris (advisors Emmanuel Barillot and Andrei Zinovyev)

  • 2015 (6 months) Visiting Ph.D. in Santo Fortunato’s lab, Aalto University, Finland

  • 2013 - 2015 Ph.D. Complex systems in life science, University of Turin, Italy (advisors Michele Caselle and Enzo Medico)


  • Geert-Jan Huizing (PhD)

  • Claire Lansonneur (PhD)

  • Jules Samaran (PhD)

  • Ina Maria Deutschmann (Postdoc)