Laudato Si

Laudato Si - Pope Francis' encyclical letter 2015

This is the website of the Laudato Si circle of South Belconnen's Catholic parish that was established in 2019-2020. South Belconnen is in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Laudato Si

A copy of the papal encyclical Laudato Si On Care for Our Common Home is available by hyperlink above. There is an excellent presentation summarising its key teachings at Jacqui Remond's webinar video below. Jacqui is an ecological educator and international consultant in the area based in Sydney, Australia. Interested persons are encouraged to view this video.

About Us

Some details on the work of the BelSouth Parish Laudato Si circle is summarised in the PDF flyer below. The flyer also has contact details for the circle. Also some discussion in the Practice webinar video below as at June 2020 may be of interest.

Development of Laudato Si responses is being considered in 2021 for the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese more broadly and guided by our Archbishop Christopher Prowse - see and our Chaplain Fr Mick MacAndrew pp (Cooma) - see


An article on the parish Footprint project in August 2020 is at .

A current project related to installing residential solar power may also be of interest - see

Ecumencial Dialogue, Events & Links

Details of current events of interest and links to related sites are also contained in the following pages.

For example an ecumenical dialogue group has been looking at Laudato Si and listening to indigenous perspectives in 2020. See also our Ecumenical Dialogue page.

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Those interested in participating or to find out more are welcome to contact .

Webinar videos May-June 2020

Introductory - outline of Laudato Si by Jacqui Remond

Practice - discussion of practical examples in the Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn

South Belconnen Laudato Si Circle .... see PDF below for explanation

Laudato Si flyer.pdf