November 2021

Published by Owatonna Lodge # 62

Knights of Pythias

Established October 17, 1873

Sir Stan Wolski, GT


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Chancellor Commander's Chat

Dear Brothers,

It is now October 24th, and the rain has been coming steadily down for the last 2-3 days. I have used the time to begin my packing for my impending move.

You see, I applied for a position within Amazon that I didn't have any of the qualifications for. I thought I would just apply and that would be the end of it. Like so many other "internal transfer" positions I've applied for over the last few months. But this one was different. I received an email letting me know I had been selected for an interview.

I thought they had me confused with another Scot Orloff in the Amazon network. But no. I received a second email with a date and time of my online interview. I half-heartedly prepared because again, I thought I didn't stand a chance.

Then I went through the interview and thought I had certainly ruined my chances with my performance.

But no. I received an offer letter. I then opened up the offer letter and saw it was for 1 dollar and 5 cents more an hour. I contacted the hiring manager to schedule some time to talk about that.

We chatted and he said he would have the recruiter send out another offer. That offer included a 20% raise and 9 shares of Amazon stock (fully vested after 5 years).

I had to take it. I only hoped they could push back the November 7th start date a bit since no way I could do all I had to do and drive to Phoenix in 2 weeks. They agreed and asked if I wanted the 14th or 21st. I said let's rip the band-aid off and get moving on the 14th.

I know this is taking the long way of getting out of going to a Dinner...How many CCs have missed their own Dinner? Especially since I didn't get one last year either, I would have liked to have gone.

As much as I would have liked to meet in person, it just wasn't in the cards. Sir Stan came up with using Zoom and it was a brilliant idea that still allowed us to interact and shake hands virtually.

I am so glad I got to meet and hang out with all of you. I will take something from each and every one of you with me. As soon as I'm settled in I plan on looking for a chapter out that way. Or another lodge. It really is a joy and something I look forward to (almost) every Monday.

I'm really going to miss you. I have a lump in my throat just writing that.

Be safe and stay well.

Your Chancellor Commander

Scot Orloff

COVID 19 News

The unvaccinated provide a virtual petri dish for the COVID 19 virus to develop new strains, possibly even deadlier strains which might be immune to our current vaccines. So do your part GET VACCINATED!

The following Pythians and/or spouses are known to have died from COVID 19: Brother Jacobs from Seven Mile, OH and Barbara Smith, wife of Marv Smith, Sir Ron Kiessling.

The following have contracted COVID 19 and survived: Sir Sid Wakser, Judy Feinberg, Nelson Siegel, Scot Orloff. And Howard Ballard.

The following web site will display the State of Ohio's information on the pandemic:


Ohio 1,521,855 total cases 23,955 total deaths.

Nationwide 46.3 million cases 756,205 deaths

Worldwide 243.2 million cases, 4.9 million deaths

November Birthdays

1 Scot Orloff

2 Donald Baker

8 Marlene Benjamin

11 Lois Faren

13 Stan Wolski

14 George Robicsek

27 Elaine Weiss

28 Stan Josselson

November Anniversaries

07 (1964) James & Joanne Voigt

27 (1983) Stan & Chloris Wolski

29 (2006) Ron & Elena Myer


Owatonna Lodge

Special Dinner Event

November 20, 2021 5:00 PM

Wild Mango Restaurant

25385 Cedar Road (Legacy Village)

Cost $20.00 a couple

Event open to those fully vaccinated

First Course

Appetizer Trio

Pan fried chicken pot stickers, simple salad,

and roasted chicken and corn chowder

Second Course

Surf and Turf

Grilled New York Strip steak, Romano cheese battered shrimp,

sauteed onion snd and green beans, potato mousseline


Chicken Trio

Chicken cheese cake:

White meat chicken with mozzarella

Asian pesto and roasted tomato

Sesame chicken

Honey sesame glazed dark meat chicken

Fried chicken drumstick

and basil mashed potato


Asian Salmon Duo

Teriyaki glazed salmon with sauteed vegetables and Japanese short grained rice

Roasted salmon with Thai spicy pesto, coconut curry sauce, and potato puree

Third Course

Creme Brulee, fresh mango, and berries

RSVP by November 13 with check

made out to Owatonna Lodge #62

$20.00 a couple, $10.00 single

and menu choice (Steak, Chicken, or Salmon)


Ron Stovsky

6811 Mayfield Rd, # 276

Mayfield Hts, OH 44124

Owatonna Meeting Notice

The lodge voted to meet on Zoom until further notice.

Past Chancellor's Dinner

December 6, 2021 6:00 PM


5658 Mayfield Rd

Lyndhurst, OH

RSVP to Ron Stovsky

440 449-5582

The Rabbi Golfer

The rabbi was an avid golfer and played at every opportunity. He was so addicted to the game that if he didn't play he would get withdrawal symptoms. One Yom Kippur the rabbi thought to himself, "What's it going to hurt if I go out during the recess and play a few rounds. Nobody will be the wiser, and I'll be back in time for services."

Sure enough, at the conclusion of the morning service, the rabbi snuck out of the synagogue and headed straight for the golf course. Looking down upon the scene were Moses and G-d.

Moses said, "Look how terrible—a Jew on Yom Kippur. And a rabbi besides!"

G-d replied, "Watch. I'm going to teach him a lesson."

Out on the course, the rabbi stepped up to the first tee. When he hit the ball, it careened off a tree, struck a rock, skipped across a pond and landed in the hole for a HOLE IN ONE!

Seeing all this, Moses protested: "G-d, this is how you're going to teach him a lesson? He got a hole in one!"

"Sure," said G-d, "but who's he going to tell?"

Speaking Part

A little Jewish boy was telling his mother about how he had won a part in a play that was being done at school.

His mother asked, "What is the part you will play, Saul?" Saul responded, "I shall play the Jewish husband," to which the mother replied, "Well, you go right back to that teacher and tell her that you want a SPEAKING part!"

Biblical Profits

Who was the greatest financier in the Bible? Noah: he was floating his stock while everyone else was in liquidation.

Who was the greatest female financier in the Bible? Pharaoh's daughter: she went down to the bank of the Nile and drew out a prophet.

Eve the Real Story

Adam was walking through the Garden Eden feeling very lonely, so G-d asked him, "What's wrong, Adam?"

Adam said he didn't have anyone to talk to.

G-d thought for a minute and then said that He was going to make him a companion and that it would be called "wonderful."

"Wonderful will gather food for you, cook for you, agree with your every decision, bear your children, never ask you to get up in the middle of the night to take care of them, never nag you, be the first to admit wrong when you've had a disagreement and wonderful never gives you a headache."

Adam inquired, "What will wonderful cost?"

G-d replied, "An arm and a leg."

Then Adam asked, "What can I get for a rib?"


What's the difference between a Jewish mother-in-law and a Rottweiler? Eventually, the Rottweiler lets go.

Roster Changes

Brother Mike Lewis is going to be handling roster corrections going forward. Please e-mail all corrections to him at;


He will make the corrections and send the corrected roster to brothers in Excel and PDF versions.

There are many members who do not have an e-mail address shown on the roster. In order to make sure you get your copy of the latest roster and any other important information, please send Bother Mike your e-mail address.

Sir Stan Wolski Editor

2511 Eaton Road

Cleveland, OH 44118

Owatonna Calendar 2021

Nov 20 ……. Special Lodge Dinner at the Wild Mango

Nov 29.......... 1st Nominations

Dec 6............Past Chancellor's Dinner

Dec 6...........2nd Nomination and Election of Officers

Owatonna Calendar 2021

Aug 22...........Picnic

Sep 2-4..........Grand Lodge Convention

Sep 13...........First In Person Meeting

Nov 20 ……. Dinner dance

Owatonna Calendar 2020

All Events Canceled