Last Resort

2089. Humans have refused to change their harmful ways and all species are suffering. You, Gerard, "Jerry" are one of the dwindling population. Global warming has overcome most natural bodies of water and as a result you now rely on cacti for hydration. Without fluid, or any break from the sweltering heat most vegetation has died,in turn, Due to their resilient nature, potatoes have become your main source of sustenance. Government has been dissolved and people align themselves into clans. You are part of Firehawk, a small yet powerful clan, one of the few that owns vehicles and a well constructed bunker. On the last convoy your ATV exploded. Not being able to find you in the dust... your clan left you for dead. You have since been able to fix your ECD (Enhanced Communication device) and have contacted your clan. They have given you the coordinates for evacuation. You attempted to fix your ATV, however, it was in ruins. To survive you must make it to the evac site in 4 days. Because of the expenses of fuel. You only have one chance. This is your LAST RESORT.