A Tactical Turn-Based RPG with dating sim elements, that will -quite literally- make you fall in love.

Last Emissary

Last Emissary is a story-driven Tactical Turn-Based RPG, with strong elements of dating sim mechanics. You will be able to play and customize your favorite class, commanding your team of valiant heroes in thrilling strategic battles.

Dialogues and narration play a very important role in our game. The fate of certain events and the consideration your allies will have for you will also depend on your choices and personality, so play your cards wisely (especially if you happen to develop feelings for someone).

Discover a new fantasy world full of lore, charismatic characters, and important choices. The fate of a divided world lies in your hands. Lead valiant Champions and fight against those who conspire against peace. Carefully cultivate relationships with your allies and pay attention to the bonds they develop with each other.

Strategic Combat

You will lead a party of a maximum of four characters in fun turn-based strategic battles (your protagonist plus three companions of your choice) against large groups of enemies that will strongly outnumber you and your allies.

Before the fight, you can carefully plan your strategy: choosing your team, their equipment and positioning your characters in a limited zone on the map with a drag and drop system. You can customize every class by unlocking and equipping different skills, adapting your team strategy to the needs of each fight. Be mindful of the skills and items you will decide to equip because the slots at your disposal are limited, as often their usage during battle

When the fight begins, turn order is decided by initiative, a value that depends on the characters' speed. When your turn begins, the controlled character can perform one movement and one action.

Movement is strictly related to speed (the higher the speed, the higher the distance the character can cover when moving). Both performing a skill and using an item count as an action. Instead of doing that, players can also raise their guard to mitigate some of the damage they will take until the next turn. Another option is to avoid both movement and action to postpone the turn completely and move it to the end of the queue. UI is still in development.


During story sequences, you will be able to select different answers and make several choices.

This will of course have consequences. Some parts of your protagonist's personality will be more predominant depending on your answers and actions, and therefore how companions will perceive your character.

Some parts of the story will also change depending on specific choices. UI is still in development.


While you are not fighting, you will be able to deepen the bond with your companions, and they will also strengthen their relationships with each other. Yes, Last Emissary will also have dating sim mechanics... Will you be able to make new allies and conquer the heart of your beloved while the world around you falls into chaos?

Deepening your relationship with your companions will not only allow you to discover more about their story and personality, but you will also gain advantages in battle. UI is still in development.