About our shop

About Our Shop

A rare gem of a High Street Bookshop, offering an eclectic range of affordable and interesting titles.

It morphed from an Antique Shop when, almost by accident, we discovered a demand in the local area for a good second-hand Bookshop. A few antiques remain, but most of our sales are books.

On offer is a wide variety to the general reader and every pocket. The shop looks small from the outside but holds nearly twenty thousand books with an equal amount in stock. The books are mostly gathered from the Borders of Scotland and Edinburgh, a traditional University City and hub of the printing craft in Scotland. We have a few antiquarian and first editions, but most of our stock is in the 'reading market'.

It has a chaotic, but well ordered, feel of a real last century Bookshop and appeals to those of us who remember when bookshops used to be in every town. The internet is an important part of our business but only a small fraction of stock is for sale via the internet. Gems are to be found in the shop.

A whole wall is devoted to books on Scotland and Scots history; topography; language; literature; music and poetry. There is a huge selection of OS maps.

Large sections on: military, topography, history, biography, natural history, sport, sci fi and of course, general literature and fiction.

The shop is proprietor run, so you get to speak to 'real people' - Keith & Gill Miller - see contact details.