Why Laser Therapy?

Low level laser is used to target specific acupuncture points on the body related to addictions, metabolism, and stress.

Most patients quit smoking after one session.

In that session, the laser is aimed at points on the face, hands, and wrist.

With the aim of relieving withdrawal symptoms and preventing cravings.

When you smoke a cigarette, you artificially tell your brain to release.

Endorphins, therefore, when trying to quit, leads to a quick drop in endorphins, which cause you to crave another cigarette in thirty minutes.

The laser basically stimulates the nerve endings that sends messages to the brain to release a flood of endorphins. This will boost a patient over that initial three to five day hump of withdrawal symptoms.

The laser also targets other points on the body that suppress appetite to prevent the rapid

Weight gain that often comes with quitting smoking and will also promote relaxation, leaving you with no desire to smoke and no stress.