Laser Toner Cartridges Madurai performs Better Than OEM Cartridges

Laser toner is nothing but a toner cartridge which contains a toner powder which is a fine dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon, black or other colouring agents. This colouring agent and plastic particles are melted when the heat is produced on the fuser are able to make prints on the paper. The heat is given to the Fuser through an electrostatic drum unit. Toner Cartridges are similar to Ink Cartridges which are used in InkJet Printers. Laser Toner Cartridges Madurai says it is very important to notice a few things when you go to purchase the replacement Toner cartridges.

The first thing is it has to serve better than the OEM cartridges. Next, you need to check whether it is compatible with the printer for which you are buying it. Then check the cost. It should be less than the OEM cartridges. Next check for the quality and performance. Both should be higher than the OEM. Check whether it is tested properly and 100 % fuser friendly. If the product satisfies all these, you can buy with a blindfolded eye. For the replacement cartridge, you are searching, you need to contact Print Legend which is the real Legend in selling Printer Consumables. Call @ 7397001333 for orders, surf @ for further inquiries about Laser Toner Cartridges Madurai.

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