About us:

Our goal is to provide consejos that you can apply in your own classroom. Join us as we share ways to create safe spaces, relationships, and content where students see themselves reflected. We welcome you into our classrooms where learning is messy (as it should be), voices are heard and nurtured, and relationships built.


Hola! I am Virginia and copilota to Eliana! This is my 12th year in the classroom and I teach AP Language and Composition, World Literature, and our college preparatory program, PODER. What I love most about teaching my content is showing students that writing is a process and books are destinations. My class motto is: Authors are intentional. I am an author. I am intentional. I call students authors from Day 1 -- I didn't make them authors; they've always been. I use my classroom to amplify their voices, empower them, and help them believe in themselves. I am passionate about creating outlets for their creativity, curiosity, and confusion. Through my work in the equity committee, I hope to continue working hard for all student voices to be heard and represented on our campus and our content. Fun facts you should know about me: English is my second language. I come from a big family of 8. I have five other siblings, and they were my first teachers. Like Eliana, I am also a chillona. I live in LA with my husband and dog, Pepper.


¡Hola! ¡Yo soy Eliana y copilota de Virginia! I’m starting my 12th year as a maestra. I teach 3 different levels of Spanish: Honors, AP Spanish Language, and AP Spanish Literature. I’ve been teaching these levels for 11 years now (my first year was 1st year Spanish. Fun times haha). This has allowed me to have my students for three consecutive years and I know you may be thinking “Three different levels!? And two of them APs!? ¡Está loca! ¡No ha de tener vida!” Yes, you are correct 😂. Jokes aside though, I love my schedule because it not only allows me to watch my students grow and develop into the young warrior scholars they are but also allows me to develop and maintain strong relationships with my kiddos. Some fun facts about me: I’m the oldest of 4 and first to graduate from a university. I LOVE to dance to all types of music; especially to cumbia. Parezco trompo en la pista haha (¡Gracias papá!) y soy una chillona. Best believe my students have seen my ugly cry! And it’s ok because they need to know we are human.