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Proposal Summary

During the 2020-2021 academic year, we will continue to offer our semester-long Designing Your Online Courses (DOC) Program that will flexibly meet our faculty’s needs. Some of this program will be adapted/changed to meet the needs of remote instruction for Fall 2020. We will also encourage any faculty who have taken our previously QA-funded Hybrid Development Program and Online Development Program to go through an informal peer-review process and/or take QM's Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) to prepare for possible formal QM certification. Our goal is to get 5 courses through formal QM certification each year. Finally, we hope to get additional CETL staff certified to facilitate QM's IYOC workshop to scale this offering on campus.

Campus QA Goals

Campus Goal for Quality Assurance

Goals for the 2020-2021 Academic Year included:

  • Get 50 faculty to complete our Designing Online Courses (DOC) program

  • Leverage QM's Connecting Learning Objectives & Assessments workshop in our DOC program (up to 50 participants)

  • Get 2 additional CETL staff members to complete the IYOC Facilitator Certificate

  • Get up to 40 participants through QM's IYOC workshop (20 participants Fall/20 participants Spring)

  • Encourage faculty to go through informal QM review

  • Get 5 additional courses through formal QM certification

Summary of Previous QA Accomplishments

Accomplishments from the 2019-2020 Academic Year include:

Quality Assurance Team

QA Lead

Beverly Bondad-Brown, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Technology

Supporting Campus Partners

  • Catherine Haras, Senior Director of CETL

  • Jeff Suarez-Grant, Senior Instructional Designer

  • Naat Jairam, Instructional Designer

  • Henry Acevedo, LMS Specialist

  • Sakib Shahriar, Technology Support Specialist

  • Rene Henson, Student Technology Assistant

  • Andrea Sharf-Aguilar, Student Technology Assistant

Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Campus Committments Toward Sustainability of QA Efforts

The campus committed to the following in-kind resources:

  • The use of CETL instructional design staff for the facilitation of all DOC and QA-related workshops.

  • Use of CETL instructional design staff for QM facilitation.

  • Use of CETL instructional design staff and QA lead for informal peer review process.

  • Campus funding for ACUE's Course in Online Effective Teaching Practices.

Quality Assurance Results

Major QA Accomplishments

  • CETL launched an Alt-Instruction Certificate program that leveraged past TECH and Teaching Project workshops. We migrated many Canvas workshops into self-paced modules. We also developed a “Low Bandwidth Teaching” webinar that addressed equity issues when pivoting to remote instruction. Since Summer 2020, almost 750 faculty have taken this webinar.

  • Over Summer 2020, 612 faculty completed the Alt-Instruction certificate that required completion of 6 or more Alt-Instruction workshops plus submission of an artifact (e.g., Transparent Assignment, Student-Centered Syllabus, etc.) for their Fall 2020 course. Another 981 faculty completed the 6+ workshops and received a Summer Institute Proof of Completion certificate.

  • Since July 1, 2020, CETL staff have assisted faculty in 3,047 virtual support calls to assist with Canvas, Zoom, or other academic technology tools for their remote instruction courses. We estimate that we have assisted over 600 distinct faculty in these virtual support calls.

  • CETL developed a Remote Instruction Checklist, based on QM’s Emergency Remote Instruction (ERI) Checklist. This has been shared in all recent programming as a checklist to assist faculty as they continue teaching remote.

Training Completions

2020-2021 ACUE Microcredential Completions

Dissemination of QA Efforts


Peralta Equity Conference, April 2021

Accessibility/UDL Efforts

  • Offered Accessible Instructional Materials Webinar to all faculty beyond those in our Designing Online Courses (DOC) Program.

  • Launched Ally in the Charter College of Education and anticipate campus-wide implementation in the next academic year.

Development of Campus QA Resources

Desigining Online Courses (DOC) Objective Builder. This Qualtrics form is used to help facutly develop measurable course or module objectives.

Remote vs Online course table.pdf
CETL Remote Instruction Checklist v3

Course Peer Review and Course Certifications

We were unable to get 5 planned courses through formal QM certification this year. We anticipate at least 3 courses will be ready for QM review in the next year. We also are building a cadre of campus peer reviewers to help scale an informal campus review program.

Next Steps for QA Efforts

Over the 2021-2022 academic year, we anticipate the following goals:

  1. Work with up to 100 faculty in our Designing Online Courses (DOC) Program

  2. Get up to 40 faculty through QM's Improving Your Online Course as a path toward formal QM review

  3. Build a cadre of 15-20 informal QM peer reviewers

  4. Get 5 additional courses through formal QM Certification

  5. Get an additional 2 CETL staff members through IYOC Facilitator Certification