We are a Psycholinguistics lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at El Paso (PI Iva Ivanova). We study how people produce, understand and communicate through language. We are especially interested in alignment (the reusing of the conversational partner's language in dialogue), for which we recently got NSF funding, and bilingual language control (the mental mechanisms allowing bilinguals to speak without making wrong-language intrusions), for which we recently got NIH funding. Apart from classical Psycholinguistics experiments, we are starting to study these phenomena in connected speech. We are also working with University Communications to develop a virtual reality environment to help us study the role of naturalistic distractions in language processing (a project seed-funded by a UTEP-URI award).

We are part of an interdisciplinary research group at UTEP, the Consortium for Scientific Research on Bilingualism, and we have collaborators from around the world.

We are enjoying our unique location on the (quite literally) US-Mexico border - nearly everyone is bilingual (on a continuum), and it is a culturally and historically fascinating region.

The Language and Communication Lab is accepting graduate students for 2023. Please contact Iva (imivanova AT utep DOT edu) with inquiries. We look forward to welcoming you to El Paso and the lab!