Four Pillars

Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, and Peace. These are the four pillars, the four interconnected ideas, that the international Green Party movement supports to organize just societies.

Ecological Wisdom

More than stop-gap solutions like recycling, this means living simply and in harmony with our surroundings. Humanity is not separate from nature, nor do individuals live in isolation from each other. Our actions, lifestyles and businesses have an impact on our human and natural environment. We seek to minimize our negative impact and maximize our positive impact on both civilization and wilderness.

Social Justice

The promise of our Constitution and society are meant for all people, regardless of differences (including economic disparity). Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy, meaningful life, with the ability to participate in the decisions that affect their lives and their surroundings. Green Parties seek to help individuals and their communities achieve that balance. Further, we oppose efforts by business or government to infringe on the human rights of citizens of the United States or of other nations.

Grassroots Democracy

The legitimacy of government is derived from the voluntary consent of the governed. The closer the decision-makers are to those who would be affected by the decision, the more effective, efficient, and accountable government can be. This value is based on Greens' unshakable conviction that people everywhere have the right, capacity and responsibility for, self-determination. Through local action and grassroots participation in government true democracy can be achieved.


Violence is morally wrong and logistically ineffective, because it treats the symptoms of problems, not the root causes. Greens acknowledge the need to take desperate measures in self-defense in life-or-death situations, but non-violence to us means actively working to build a world where violence is unnecessary. In the 21st Century, where the international community has become increasingly dependent upon all cultures, we believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved through dialogue. And we believe that no problem CAN be solved through violence whether it's military or interpersonal, physical violence, Greens will work to promote peaceful resolution to conflict. We also categorically reject the death penalty in any form.