A Stunning Decision

A stunning decision has been made by the Lakeshore Committee that some have speculated is way over due.

First, let me refresh your memory. Eleven years ago back in 2007, the final threesome of Sir William Lakel, the Chairman Philip Tom and Karl Mitchell approached the 18th tee box of the final round. This is before the secret gate and you had to make a lengthy walk from the 17th green. Through a huge gallery the 3 quietly worked their way to the tee of one of the greatest and famous par 3s in the country. Lakel was disinterested because he was having a rough Championship round after a beautiful 59 on the front. He was in the process of scoring a disappointing 76 from the tips and a good 10 shots out of the lead. Karl had a surprising significant 5 stroke lead over Tom. This was Karl’s rookie year and he was a 25-1 longshot to win the Championship. This was truly shocking and Karl was visibly nervous at etching his name on the trophy of winning a Major. It was a slightly sultry late afternoon setting.

Nothing was said by the 3 until Philip was stepping up to the tee. He looked at Karl and stated; “you know the Lakeshore is determined by the 18th every year..you know”. Karl although in his first year knew the history and responded; “yes I know”. Tom had just parred the 17th to cut the lead by 2 shots. If I recall correctly, 2 camera men had BOTH had their batteries die a hole or 2 earlier. So there is no video footage of what was about to transpire. Additionally there are zero photos of the upcoming controversy.

Tom hit a perfect pitch into the tight fairway. Karl was last to hit with his 5 shot lead. His first tee ball went over the fence very close to the fence line. It was deep and some 10 feet past parallel of the pin and came rest IN the fence line. This is where the controversy begins. The ball was either in the crease of the inside of the fence or on the pavement below the fence. It was where the fence has a slight curvature to the right and there are positions where it is difficult to determine which side it is on. The Lakeshore Club local rule is that your first tee ball cannot fly over the fence unless in comes back to the fairway side. Thus it is out of bounds if it fails to do so. Lakel was first on the scene and he stated he thought the ball was on the wrong side and out of bounds. He was not an official ‘marshall’ but he did make a judgment call. Tom was next to ball and he gave it a long and hard stare. He also ended up ruling it out. Karl then took a peek and felt it was IN.

This is exactly where the Committee has a problem. They believe it was a rush to judgement and that the opinions of Karl’s competitors should NOT have any influence whatsoever on the final hole of a Major. The Committee strongly believes that an additional marshall or two should have been called in before Karl hit his second tee ball. Possibly knowing Karl had a 5 shot lead, caused them to rush their decision because they did not feel it was going to be determinate of the Championship. In 2007, it would have been easy to take a picture or have Karl hit a provisional. Tragically, as many know, Karl went on to make a 9 and lose the Championship by one shot and get the unflattering title of ‘Lakeshore’s Jean Van de Velde’. This is a title that the Committee now believes in unfounded and unfair.

It is not often in life where you can right a wrong. But that is precisely what the Committee is going to do. The Committee feels that if the ball would have been ruled in, it would only be a formality for Karl to take down the Championship. Bygone rulings are seldom altered by overseeing councils but as I stated, we are ready to do just that. THE COMMITTEE IS GRANTING KARL MITCHELL THE 2007 ROYAL BLUE JACKET AND HIS FIRST MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP. He now becomes only the 3rd rookie to win the Lakeshore and his name will be etched on both trophies in time. Whether we have a formal jacket presentation has yet to be determined. This will also rid Karl of the Van de Velde unpleasant connotation. All can go to: lakeshoreopen.com and hit the tab under ‘prior years’ and scroll down to see the original writeup of the 2007 Championship. Congratulation Karl. -CHAIRMAN OF THE MAKE-A-WISH LAKESHORE OPEN TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE .

Notes of Past Reflections

With the gentle waving olive, peach, pomegranate and cypress trees, the 2018 Lakeshore Open will commence on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018. Also a massive amount of late blooming roses will remind the strikers that if you direct your sphere into them, you will start again 2 marks older.

The Lakeshore experience possesses the rare combination of the tranquility of childhood fun and dreams with the ‘aged’ downright terror and demons. To crisscross your way around the unusual grounds trying to stay within you ‘tai chi’ energy can certainly be maddening if not impossible.

Playing in mid September may lower the outside degrees a bit but it does not temper the inside tension. Each circle of the landscape excites and frustrates regardless of your skill level. Challenges of this magnitude come with only precision designing and crazy imagination.

Describing the Lakeshore is futile. This pursuit of excellence has to be experienced. The Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament could well join a growing list of ‘alternative’ therapies invoked by western health authorities to counter the stress and strain of modern living. Now in its’ organized 19th year, the event aims to send a “positive wave of vigor” around the world and draw attention to the benefits of this ancient form of exercise which is steadily establishing itself in Las Vegas.

The name “Lakeshore Open” reveals it to be a combative art, but much practice and guidance with a master striker are required to be able to draw on in a situation of real conflict. Many will not get past the first principles, but as the 1st stage is to make yourself mentally and physically fit and healthy, and that is already well worth attaining.

To stroke a shot at the Lakeshore with a gentle circular movement reveals a form with a powerful hint of vitality coming from an inner center. This has something mysteriously attractive about it. From the surrounding field or source, energy is gathered and stored in such a way as to let it flow through the body and create balance and harmony. If this sounds vague and undefinable, it probably is. Playing your best at the Lakeshore needs no fancy or expensive outlay.

Regular practice can build up grace, beauty and strength in a remarkable way, whatever age one may be. As I said earlier, you can rediscover your youth by clearing the meridians and fortitude channels through your body. Tying this event with the wonderful Make-A-Wish charity makes for a perfect marriage. All this can be found at the Lakeshore Open Golf Championship.

-from the desk of the Chairman of the Lakeshore Open Golf Tournament Committee

PGA Considers Lakeshore Open

It has finally happened. Rather than announce it myself let me give it to you from the horse’s mouth-the PGA.

Lakeshore Open Golf Committee:

It is with great pleasure that we are seriously considering designating the Lakeshore Open as the 5th Major. We have been fully aware of your persistence over the last 4 years for this approval. We could possibly deem this prestigious award on a number of accounts of which I will list a few.

The uniqueness of your event is unprecedented. There is nothing like it in the free world that we could compare it with. The PGA has no event with one club and certainly nothing held in a residential setting. Golf has a universal aspect to it where you see your goal and you go after it. There are no rules on how long or short a hole must be to be challenging and the Lakeshore proves that with simplistic beauty.

PGA representative Thomas Harkin’s report and footage of last year’s event captured the enthusiasm and spirit that we embrace for the game of golf. Having fun and promoting the camaraderie that golf entails could not have been more evident and obvious than it was in your tournament.

The PGA, founded in 1916 and the largest sports organization in the world, welcomes the opportunity to look at fresh new ideas. The reason for the success of our organization is the founding belief that golf education is universal and should be shared with everyone.

Once again congratulation and we look forward to further discussion on this subject.


Randolph J. Cameron and the PGA Staff

Chairman's Rant

I received an overwhelming response about my recent rant; mostly positive. I thought i would finish it and then move on.

If you are a golf historian, or purest, you know that we have gotten way off track as far as the game’s original beliefs. For example, many of you probably don’t remember when sprinkler heads did not have yardage. A great percentage of courses also have yard markers of at least 150 and 200. Most of the pros get the yardage down to the foot from their caddie. Ridiculous! Should not be allowed. Pebble Beach comes to mind as one of the rare exceptions that has neither sprinkler heads nor 150’s etc. I can say with certainty that the Lakeshore will never go this route. The committee got requests for 150″(inch) and 200″(inch) markers a few years back but I immediately vetoed it. If you require a caddie at the Lakeshore, they know going in that is forbidden to give any yardage opinions to their golfers. Each player has to figure it out himself…..as it should be on every course. It goes without saying that yardage cameras are also not allowed at any time.

But my number ONE PET PEEVE is mandatory GOLF CARTS! How did America get so close to ‘ruining’ this great game. I know many courses state they need cart revenue to survive but they have it backwards. I would play a heck of a lot more if I could walk and get the exercise but thats not feasible with the design of a majority of courses today. They have to have the half mile treks between greens and the next tee to get all their 10,000 square foot homes built on the course. An occasional design of this sort is one thing; but to have almost 100% of the new courses like this is an outrage! What should’ve been done is to build the course first using what the land gives you…and then build the homes if need be. But they HAVE to be walkable. Do you ever wonder why courses designed at the turn of the 20th century were ALL walkable but almost NONE at the turn of the 21st century are not! Could this be just another factor why our society is becoming a group of ‘BLUBS’? Is this progress!! I can only imagine what courses will be like at the turn of the 22nd century. Tell me please…WHO STARTED THIS INSANITY! I bet you will be able to sit on your couch with a beer and play any course in the world. Oh I forgot. We already have that technology. How about a golf club that swings itself and a ball that goes 500 yards so that championship courses have to be 10,000 yards in length. All courses that you cannot walk should be plowed under using a D-8 Caterpillar! Only the handicapped should be using carts, period!

Eight greens were rebuilt last week. We had over 250 square feet of bermuda sod delivered to reconstruct and contour these greens. Some have been stretched out to 4 ft. in diameter. Some have been elevated some but don’t worry, it will still be the most difficult par 3 course on the planet. One note that the committee is considering is changing the rule if your ball goes in the wrong hole. Now it is free relief but we are thinking of making it a mandatory 1 stoke penalty to get it back in play. Anyway, things are happening year round at the famed Lakeshore Golf and Country Club.

– Chairman of the Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open Golf Committee

P.S. To correct a mistake from the latest ‘rant’ that a few of you picked up. This year’s U.S. Open is being played at Olympic instead of Oakmont. The Chairman almost never makes a mistake but it does happen from time to time. lol AT EASE

St Andrews & Lakeshore Lore

As the British Open at the old course at St. Andrews Scotland came to an end this morning, I am sure many of your thoughts were similar to mine and were directed to the Lakeshore. Comparing St. Andrews to the Lakeshore course is an effortless exercise. The way the holes meander around the property at Bannie and Westwood Dr. are akin to the architecture of the old course. For the most part, you have to bump & run on exactly eleven holes at both courses. There are many pins on that you have to play away from and the short walk between greens and tees resemble both of the link courses.

Some have tried to say that Carnoustie and Turnberry are better parallels to the Lakeshore but I have to differ. Carnoustie is widely recognized as the toughest of all Open Championships in Europe while the Lakeshore is absolutely the most difficult Open in the world. Both Carnoustie and Turnberry have the requirement of ballstriking and shotmaking of early links golf but they do not possess the ‘character’ of St. Andrews and Lakeshore. One prime example is the shot hit yesterday off the wall by the ‘mechanic’ Miguel Angel Jimenez. Creative chips are the norm in almost every trek around the Lakeshore.

Speaking of the British Open, we have finally put to rest the conflict we had with the scheduling of the Lakeshore Open we had back in 2003 and 2004. The Edinburgh Press took homage with us scheduling a major (Lakeshore) on the same weekend as the British Open. The Lakeshore Golf Committee have agreed to always have the Open in September. As you are aware, this years Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open is Saturday September 25th in exciting Las Vegas.

– Chairman of the Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open Golf Committee

In Memory of Severino Ballesteros

As many of you golf fans know, my favorite golfer of all time died last weekend at 54 years old. He was maybe the greatest shotmaker that ever lived. He didn’t need the fairway and he was never in trouble even if he was in the parking lot.

Seve learned the game as a youngster in a very small town in Pedrena, Spain. He would hit everything including rocks with only one club. He totally understood, by the time he was 19, the marriage between the clubface and the ball. Many times he stated that the game of golf was meant to be played with only one club. This is exactly how he taught his son to play.

There is only one course to my knowledge in the world and certainly only one ‘MAJOR’ that is played with only one club. Yes, it is none other than…..THE LAKESHORE OPEN. Seve never played the Lakeshore but I am positive, with zero doubt, he would’ve loved it!

– Chairman of the Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open Golf Committee

Award Winning Poem

The Moon Has No Choice

The sands of our lives at times,

must follow suit

Whilst the option to despair

mustn’t rule our decision

Resting your weapons only,

delays the solution

Our existence has no flight plan

That will quelsh our excitement

For all of destiny, has not been written

We wander schematically for a

directive voice


The moon has no choice

– Philip Tom

What Would Bobby Jones Do?

It is amazing how many times you will hear the name of Bobby Jones uttered by the Chairman and others each year on the Lakeshore course. It is usually phrased as: “what would Bobby Jones do in this situation?” Which in other words means; where is the proper drop; or should I count that stroke; or did anyone see that; or did the ball move before I hit it; etc. A man of impeccable honor and honesty.

After winning the ‘grand slam’ of golf (American and British Opens along with the American and British Amateurs) in 1930 at the young age of 28, Bobby Jones retired from competition as an Amateur. Can you imagine that in nowadays! Recently the PGA did an article on why Jones was so superior. A relative gave 3 main reasons why. The first is he believed in predestination. “He believed a golf tournament was won or lost before the first ball had even been struck. He believed that destiny was set before the tournament was played.” According to his grandson, Bobby Jones felt that future events were ordained to happen, that there was an order already preset. And with that in mind, Jones was able to separate himself from the stress, anxiety and pressure of playing the match. That gave him a huge secret advantage. Second, as Tiger USED to believe, Bobby was able to remain in the moment and focus on one shot at a time. Many times he could not remember hitting the shot he just hit. Now THAT is a short-term memory! But #3 might be the most applicable to the Lakeshore. Jones played against the course….not the competition. “He learned how to compete against Old Man Par,” his grandson said. “Because in the days when he played, if you shot par, you stood a pretty good chance of winning the tournament.” He wanted to make par on every hole. I truly believe Bobby Jones would have loved the Lakeshore and it’s struggle for par. No one has come close to shooting ‘par’ for 36 holes in it’s 15 year history.

The Make-A-Wish Lakeshore Open is exactly 2 weeks from today, October 3rd. The http://www.lakeshoreopen.com website has been upgraded and is capable of accepting donations to Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada Chapter if you cannot attend the event. I still would prefer checks or cash on the day of the tournament but that gives you another option. Also, for the first time in Lakeshore history, we will have hats and shirts for sale with Lakeshore logo and ‘Golf’s 5th Major’ and first edition or something like that, with most of the proceeds, going to M-A-W.

I am still waiting for many of you to email back with either an IN or OUT for participation. Please do so with the receipt of this email. Thank you-CHAIRMAN MAKE-A-WISH LAKESHORE OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE