Frankfurt, Germany, 23 March 2020 (Half-day)

Location: Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

#LAKtheory #LAK20

The workshop addresses the ongoing question of connecting theory and learning analytics. The workshop builds on issues identified in the LAK 2019 Educational Theory session, specifically: definitions of concepts, design, model validation and interpretation of findings. It will aim to facilitate the creation of a community of practice, supporting understanding and build capacity to integrate theory and learning analytics in the field.

In this workshop we’ll work together to make explicit connections between theory and learning at any stage of research – from conceptualisation right through to analysis and interpretation. The organisers will set the scene by giving an overview of theory use in learning analytics, with a particular emphasis on sociological and psychological theories and their application. Participants will be invited to nominate a current research project that would benefit from a roundtable-style discussion with colleagues, along with a theoretical framework of interest. We’ll close with some tech-mediated birds of a feather activities, and consider gathering this community of practice together again.

Expected outcomes are a developing community of practice, publication on challenges and opportunities from the field and a template for an ongoing workshop initiative.

Important dates

  • Submission for participation opens 1 Nov 2019
  • Submission deadline 15 Dec 2019 extended 20 January 2020
  • Notification of acceptance 5 Jan 2020 rolling, on submission
  • Soapbox presentation submissions - Opening, 23 January, closing 24 February.

Call for Soapbox participation.

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Workshop registration open to all!

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