Call for Workshop Papers

LAK19 Half-Day Workshop:

Exploiting data intelligence in education from three levels: Practice, challenges and expectations

Tempe, Arizona, March 4-8, 2019

Overview and Purpose

Technological advances have a strong effect on the way instructors teach and students learn. Over the last couple of years, big data has been in and out of the center of focus for emerging technology. The value of big data in education has yet to be unfolded, especially the value of data intelligence in education. There seems to be potential for data intelligence in education to have a big impact on teaching and learning. Not only is it valuable to have large-scale automated data monitoring and reporting, but it is key to have functional capabilities to make decision at all levels of the educational system to expand impact, effectiveness, and efficiencies.

With data intelligence, questions in education that can and have been answered at three different levels: 1) Intelligent education governing; 2) Practices of teaching and instruction; and 3) Individual learning process. Practice in these different levels are emerging as well as associated challenges, such as the challenge of data tracking, interchanging, analyzing models, and privacy issues. These challenges need to invite researchers and practitioners with multiple perspectives and expertise to have conversations.

The proposed workshop will bring a broad spectrum of stakeholders together to look at the practice, challenges and expectations of data intelligence in education. The workshop will explore such issues with leaders from areas that contribute to, and are impacted by, advances in technology that impacts teaching and learning.

In many ways, the development of new technologies affords an opportunity to enhance student learning across the broad spectrum of educational institutions and educational systems. This workshop will provide attendees with a venue to share their expertise and to network with other professionals to find synergies to build the impact of data intelligence on student learning.