Postdoc sYMPOSIUM 2019

June 6th 2019


Please visit the program page for an overview of the program, schedule and posters.



The 2019 LA Postdoc symposium will be held on June 6th at UCLA CNSI.

Uber/Lyft drop-off

Ask the driver to drop you off at the UCLA Parking Booth - 550 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

Follow the directions below to get to CNSI from the Parking Booth.


If you are driving to the symposium, please park in parking structure #8 (across the street from CNSI).

  • Parking ($12 day pass) is payable by credit card
  • Going North on Westwood, turn left onto Structure 8 Driveway to enter the structure, just south of the Information Kiosk.
  • See directions for getting from Structure 8 to CNSI using either the elevator or the stairs.

More info here.

Bus Transportation

These transport options are available for your convenience

From and to USC:

  • Pick up from USC at 7:30am in front of University Church (817 W 34th St, Los Angeles, CA, 90089)
  • Departure from UCLA will occur at 6:00pm at Westwood Plaza in UCLA

From and to Caltech:

  • Pick up from Caltech at 7:00am at the corner of Wilson ave & San Pasqual st (498 S Wilson ave, Pasadena CA 91106)
  • Departure from UCLA will occur at 6:00pm at Westwood Plaza in UCLA

Faculty and Industry panelists

We are delighted to announce that faculty and industry partners will join us at the symposium, including Prof. Paul Weiss as a keynote speaker. More information and details can be found on the panelists page.

The organizers

The Postdoctoral Association (PDA) at UCLA aims to provide opportunities to build the postdoc community on the UCLA campus. Through collaboration between the PDA Executive Board, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs in the Biomedical and Lifesciences, and the Graduate Division’s Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment and Services (PSAS) team, the PDA aims to: enhance UCLA postdocs’ sense of community and identity, foster communication between postdocs, faculty, and administration, contribute a postdoctoral perspective to campus issues, and facilitate opportunities for postdoc social engagement and community building.

The Caltech Postdoctoral Association (CPA) seeks to foster a sense of community, provide resources for career and personal development, and provide a framework for representation on campus and in the local community for postdoctoral scholars from all departments of the Institute.

The PDA can serve as a persuasive representative of USC’s postdoctoral population within and outside the university. Internally, we maintain collaborative and constructive relationships with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, as well as with various Centers that provide useful services for postdocs. Externally, we participate in the activities of the National PDA and cultivate relationships with postdoctoral associations at other institutions.