Level 2 Geography Internal Assessment

This site is designed to assist teachers with the selection, administration, marking and moderation of internal assessments for Level 2 Geography. To access the appropriate standard click on the' home' button at the top of this page. The following resources are included for each standard.

1. The standard itself

2. Clarifications and Conditions of Assessment (COA) for this standard from the external moderator

3. Tip Sheet for this standard

4. A break down of the criteria for marking

5. A list of issues identified as causing problems with this standard

6. Suggestions of contexts for this standard that have been used and others willing to share

7. Full annotated exemplars (where possible).

8. A blank template that can be modified to fit your own topic.

9. Any additional resources if possible (videos and worksheets and workshop material)

10. What critieria looks like for each grade (only for some standards at present)

Please note that the annotated exemplars are confidential for teacher use only and must not be shared with students. They are used for teacher education purposes only.

A generic tip sheet has been included below covering the writing and administering of Internal Assessments.

A clarification of terms for all levels of geography produced by NZQA can be accessed at the following:

Writing and Administering Internals

The National Moderators report for 2019