Kyle Hayden

I am an NSF postdoc and Ritt Assistant Professor in mathematics at Columbia University.

I am on the academic job market this fall!

I completed my PhD in 2018 at Boston College, advised by John Baldwin, and my faculty mentor at Columbia is Mohammed Abouzaid. My research interests are in low-dimensional topology and contact/symplectic geometry, and I am currently funded by NSF standard grant DMS-2114837 (2021-2024). You can find more information on my research page and my CV, or by checking out my papers on the arXiv.


  • MIT Geometry and Topology seminar, September 27

  • Boston College Geometry/Topology/Dynamics seminar, September 30

  • AMS Fall Central Sectional, special session on Geometric Topology, October 9-10

  • Joint Mathematics Meeting, January 5-8

▫ Special session on "Knot Theory in Dimension Four"

▫ Special session on "Knots, links, 3-manifolds,... and 4-manifolds"


Pronouns: he/him

Student hours (Fall '21): M 2:30-4pm, W 4-5pm (Zoom), Th 5:30-6pm (Zoom)