Impact of Climate Change on Human Life

KWiSE Forum 2022

In recent years, we have witnessed unprecedented heatwaves, drought, and wildfires in the Western parts of the U.S. South Korea is also experiencing increasingly extreme weather-related disasters.

When people think of climate change, it is typically associated with global warming. However, climate change also causes the more frequent and unpredictable weather events we are currently experiencing, and has dire implications on our economy, health, food security, and environment.

As the impact of climate change is highly pertinent to the public interest, the NIH and Washington DC chapters of the organization KWiSE (Korean-American Women in Science and Engineering) are proud to host a virtual forum titled ‘Impact of Climate Change on Human Life’. During the 4-week forum series, internationally renowned experts from South Korea and the U.S. will share their experience and research on a diverse range of topics regarding the impact of changing climate on policy, human health, infectious diseases, and food systems.

The forum will be held on October 19th, 27th, and November 3rd at 8-9:30 pm EST (October 20th, 28th and November 4th in Korea at 9-10:30 am KST), and on November 14th at 7-8:30 pm in EST (November 15th in Korea at 9-10:30 am KST).

This event is hosted by the KWiSE NIH and DC Chapters and sponsored by the Korea Foundation.

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