Kulkijat ry Cultural Association is based in Helsinki, Finland.

We promote a global vision on Education through the Arts.

Although our members come from different disciplines in the Arts and Science our international backgrounds share common interests.

The most important of these, a kin for intercultural and multicultural education.

Our innovation as educators is based on an active integration

of Sciences and Arts as a whole.

The philosophy of our educational approach makes this target clear,

while it might take the many a time to understand this meaningful tactic,

those who have experienced our methodology enjoyed both fields of study.

Tactic is seen as, in its etymological sense, putting things in an order, with this in mind we take a glance to Andean ancestors and their traditions on mathematics, architecture, music and design..

The learnings found in this struggle of knowledge had been ignored or underestimated, but scholars keep finding more evidence of this ancient and advanced understanding of nature and its balance.

From here on, we move, convinced that this order belongs to an holistic and

harmonious way of living, the ways hidden in every ancient culture.

Ancient knowledge had been put aside by Empires everywhere because it was not longer their trend or because prejudice of hegemonic interests covered it with the dust of time, money and forgetfulness.

Art and science historically combined have carried civilisations forward.

To uncover this knowledge from our ancestors and to spread the word of how wonderful is a world where spiritual change and mystical brotherhood endures, we invite everyone to take part in our association:

Kulkijat ry - Arts for Education

27 de Abril de 2019


Balderin sali, Helsinki

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