Paths of Glory


c. 1957, B&W Feature Film, USA, 88min

This WWI-period feature starring the legendary Kirk Douglas really put Kubrick on the map with Hollywood players, audiences, foreign markets, and world history professionals. Paths of Glory stands the test of time, especially as war and needless sacrifice are still going concerns well into the 21st Century. Kubrick's mastery of the camera and dolly created shot structures emulated by filmmakers for decades to come. What I find most interesting is the lack of forced or fake accents by those playing French and German soldiers. The American actors sound like typical 1950's Americans on purpose. The upbeat yet mixed-emotional ending, features a young German actress that would soon become Kubrick's surviving wife of over 40 years (Christiane Kubrick). Paths of Glory is generally considered required reading for all serious filmmakers and cinephiles.

Classic Trailer of Paths of Glory (YouTube)