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"Physically, it's not a very demanding job. The only thing that can get a bit trying up here during the winter is, uh, a tremendous sense of isolation...." ~Mr. Ullman from "The Shining"


KUBRICKIAN.ORG is a web-based multi-media project created and maintained by Scott Sheckman ( with the help of other Kubrick super fans, to help create a directory of relevant and important information and links that are scattered across the internet, books, films, music, many other forms of art, and of course, space & time. If you provide useful links and/or elements, I'll do my best to provide you credit where that info is posted on the website, and eventually list contributors on a specific credits page to be developed.


The content on this website is provided for informational & educations purposes only and may not be relied upon for other examples. I make no claims about linked 3rd party content or opinions based thereof. Please consult an attorney with expertise in copyright law for advice relating to your specific circumstances and activities. FAIR USE: This website may contain copyrighted materials and/or links to copyrighted materials (or websites, multimedia, and materials containing copyrighted materials). is provided for educational study and falls under "fair use" provisions of USA and British copyright law, and therefore should not be considered a copyright infringement or royalty issue. If you are a copyright holder on anything contained or referred to in this website and have a problem with how its used, etc, please notify the me at info(at) and I will make best efforts to address the issue ASAP. I apologize in advance for any mis-representation, mis-characterization, or mistake. While I wish I had some solid connection to the primary sources, I am not directly affiliated with the Kubrick Family/Estate, Warner Brothers, or any of the people, entities and/or institutions that have any direct connections to the primary sources and rights holders. I am simply a Kubrick fan who would like to see my contemporaries and future generations take interest in Kubrick and his works. My feeling is that Kubrick has influenced many filmmakers, writers in artists across several nationalities and languages, consciously and unconsciously, but has not yet received the world-wide recognition that he deserves, perhaps due to the limited number of films he released. However, that seems to be changing quickly in the 21st Century as more and more cinephiles realize that Kubrick really pushed the needle in his 50+ years behind a camera, and could be responsible for starting many cinematic waves that continue to modern day.


To contact the founder/webmaster, please start with an email to: info(at) In the email, please include your full name, email address, and place on Earth, the Solar System, Galaxy, or Universe from which you are writing (e.g. NYC. London, Miami, USA, Earth....or Giant Red Spot, Jupiter). Optional - your telephone number and physical address. I will get back to serious inquiries ASAP, and I can be found on Skype, Facebook, and I even have a real mobile telephone number.


As you may know, maintaining an always-updated presence on the world-wide-web can be expensive and time consuming. I've invested a significant amount effort and dollars on this project since 2009, which includes procuring unique DVD's, expensive books, and travelling to distant locations to conduct research and participate in Kubrick homages. I have no regrets about the expenses and personal time, but it's nice to receive support from those who feel the Kubrickian website has helped you better appreciate and understand Stanley Kubrick. Whereas any support is greatly appreciated (including missing/important links and pieces), financial support is super appreciated so I can pay for URL registrations and hosting year-round.

NOTE: is not a legal 501c3 nonprofit organization, so donations are not tax deductible, just good Kubrickian Karma. That said, if you'd like to make a gift of any amount to support the development, you can make an electronic donation of any size to Scott Sheckman ( founder, designer, and ultimate webmaster) via PAYPAL by pressing the DONATE button below. Thanks for the kind consideration!

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