c. 1960-62, B&W Feature Film, UK/USA, 152min

It was a film the contemporary circles said could not be made due to the notorious and controversial nature of the infamous source material by Vladimir Nabokov. Kubrick and friends produced it anyway, and nowadays it seems quite tame, but still quite naughty (a steamier remake by Adrian Lyne was produced in 1997). Perhaps due to the book, but more likely the sensual films, nobody has named or nick-named their daughter "Lolita" in quite a while...

Note: The UK production of Lolita marks Kubrick's and his family's mainly permanent relocation to England, UK, where he continued to live and work until his death in 1999.

Rare 1962 Interview with Sue Lyon re: Working with Kubrick on LOLITA

Interesting story about the inspiration for Nabokov's "Lolita" book