Dr. Strangelove


c. 1963-64, B&W Feature Film, UK/USA, 95min

Kubrick may have help to put a lid on the worse of the Cold War with his infamous black comedy starring comic genius Peter Sellers playing three different roles! Set contemporary in the early 1960's, the story fictionally haunts the finality of super-power nuclear war shortly after the real-life Cuban Missile Crisis, and speculates about the power of the individual to buck the system and threaten the stability of the entire world. SK reportedly produced the film without the help of the US Military, but effectively captured the look/feel of US Military assets via images and information he found in public domain. The visuals, dialogue, music, and lyrical ending are unforgettable. As vanguard as the special effects and set design, the marketing campaign was quite avant-garde all around, including the main title and trailer conceived by Pablo Ferro

COOL STUFF: A significant ending scene where the players end up in a messy pie-throwing fight was filmed, but not used in the final cut. Kubrick probably had the negative destroyed, but stills of the pie fight survive. There is also a long Strangelove promo reel with Kubrick narrating. And here's a story about the Kubrick narrated Strangelove promo reels. And here's a link to some fun stuff regarding the unique/special maintitles.

STRANGELOVE FACTOID: "Dr. Strangelove" was scheduled to premiere for the critics on Nov. 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated. Of course, the screening was cancelled. The film was released in early 1964. Here is an interesting story about that.

Inside the Making of Dr. Strangelove (YouTube, from the DVD)