Barry Lyndon


c. 1973-75, Color Feature Film, UK/USA, 184min

Perhaps Kubrick's most under-rated later film and certainly his most scenic. Again, Kubrick set the bar for the Industry by researching locations, set decorations, and costumes for this late 18th Century setting unlike any period film that came before, or perhaps since. In hindsight, the casting seems brilliant and superbly played for the characters at hand, but Kubrick received criticism at the time of release for his choice of actors and their performances. To complement a rare classic camera he obtained from Warner Bros, Kubrick was able to procure a special super-fast lens created for NASA space imagery to film scenes completely lit by candle light, adding to the authenticity of the period piece. NOTE: Director Martin Scorsese has mentioned that Barry Lyndon is his favorite Kubrick film.

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