A Clockwork Orange


c. 1970-71, Color Feature Film, UK/USA, 136min

Many fans consider ACO Kubrick's best or most interesting film, based on the 1962 book of the same name. ACO may be SK's most acidic movie featuring themes, performances, dialogue, scenes, and music that never seem to become old/dated. What I find especially interesting is that ACO was his first film after the big-budget 2001, shot quickly on a relative low budget on contemporary locations in the UK that seem futuristic simply by adding people wearing strange costumes. How Kubrick went from 2001 speed to ACO speed may be as interesting as the film itself. LEGEND: After a series of violent crimes in the UK that were supposedly inspired by the film, Kubrick (who lived just outside of London in the early 70's) had ACO retracted from theatrical release in the UK, a ban that lasted until his death in 1999 - another stunning example of Kubrick's clout in all facets of the industry.

ACO - Warner Brother's 40th Anniversary Trailer

ACO - First Few Mins (YouTube) Featuring the haunting electronic music rendition of the Funeral March of Queen Mary, by Wendy Carlos.‚Äč

ACO - Early 1970's interview with Malcolm McDowell and Anthony Burgess

Cool Stuff - Alex in the Chelsea Drugstore (circa 2006)