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Multi-Media Tributes and Homages, Large & Small

1999 - PRESENT(Mainly AFTER Kubrick Passed in March 1999)

Steve Spielberg's "Ready Player One" (released 2018) - wonderful A/V homages and tributes to pop-culture icons big and small over decades in the 20th and 21st Century, significantly Kubrick films and The Shining.

Director Trademarks: A Guide to the Films of Stanley Kubrick (2018) - This IMDB original piece will knock your socks off!

Eyes Wide Cut (2017) - Marshall Allman attempts to 'finish' Eyes Wide Shut. with a re-cut of about 120mins. Read the related story.

Stanley Kubrick - The Exhibition (2016) - Gallery Chats and Special Presentations via SoundCloud made at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco while the Kubrick Exhibit was on tour there June-Oct 2016.

Jan Harlan in Brighton (circa 2015) - talking about working with Kubrick the later films and his own fascinating path. Here's some more of the interview from a different video.

The Red Drum Getaway (2015): Perhaps the first of its kind - a wonderful 4-min mash of James Stewart/Hitchcock scenes and Kubrick scenes,icons, and characters that seem to flow together seemless in the digital domain. Reminds one a bit of the Beatles groundbreaking "Free as a Bird" video in the mid-1990's. [superfan tribute/homage]

S is for Stanley (2015): I have not see this new Italian doc, recently reviewed by the Hollywood Reporter. Sounds very interesting, Emilio D’Alessandro, was Kubrick's chauffeur and guy Friday for nearly thirty years! [doc, interview]

Stanley Kubrick is Kinda Crazy (2015): Poetic, and perhaps the first of its kind - an interesting, fast-paced VH1-style tribute to the life and work of SK, peppered with production factoids and that never ending legend that SK had more impact on the Spectacle of the late 1960's than just "2001: A Space Odyssey". [superfan tribute/homage]

Wes Anderson's The Shining (2015): Short but delightful mash-up of The Grand Budapest Hotel meets The Shining. This mash-up made some headlines. [superfan tribute/homage]

​Stanley Kubrick - The Lost Tapes (2015): Interesting montage of the (not very lost) taped 1966 Bernstein & Kubrick interview, featuring images of SK and vintage footage & music that makes the interview fun to see/hear. [SK superfan tribute/homage]

Jan Harlan at The Dublin Film Festival (2015): More fascinating insights from SK's closest long-time producer, brother-in-law, and SK Legacy Trustee. [doc, interview]

How Kubrick made 2001: A Space Odyssey (2015): A 3-part look at how SK made his ultimate trip. Looks like a home-made production, but quite well done, good use of what little archival imagery there is from the era. The link is to Part 1, make sure you check out Part 2 and Part 3! [doc, analysis, tribute]

2001: A Film Analysis (2015): This 15-min video made some headlines among the popular movie blogs. [review, critique, analysis]

Steven Soderbergh's 110-min Re-cut of 2001: A Space Odyssey (2015): Perhaps the first re-edit (i.e. montage) of the masterpiece by a professional director and super fan. Time will tell if audiences appreciate and starts a wave of similar projects...but if it leads new and young audiences to Kubrick's world-famous and much longer 1968-ish montage, who can argue with that? [pro tribute/homage]

Epic Rap Battle of History - Spielberg vs Hitchcock with a homage to Kubrick (circa Dec 2014): You'll crack a gut!

Analysis of "Eyes Wide Shut" by Juli Kearns (Date TBD): I'm not sure when this came out, discovered in 2015. It's the most detailed classic text/image analysis I've stumbled upon for EWS and doesn't rely on any moving images or sound, so shots across scenes can be easily be compared. The creator uses scores of screen shots (still pics of moving pics) to make her point. Some great stuff! [review, critique, analysis]

Kubrick Remembered (2014) - Kubrick Remembered is one of the supplementary bonus documentaries included in Stanley Kubrick: The Masterpiece Collection. More here at IMDB

Wes Anderson's 2001 (2014): Someone did it, I'm not going to say what they did exactly, but the Title pretty much says it all. Post Post Kubrickism is here? [superfan tribute/homage]

Kubrick Remembered (2014): A new doc included with the new Masterpiece Collection Box Set released late 2014. Features recent interviews with those who worked closely and knew Kubrick best. Can't wait to see it! Here's a sneak peak. [doc, interview, tribute/homage]

The Director Series - Stanley Kubrick (2014): A detailed analysis of Kubrick's early films. Looks like more in the works for Kubrick later works. [analysis]

​The Genius of Stanley Kubrick and His Hidden Codes (2014): Fascinating, in depth analysis [analysis]

21 weird, funny and revealing things in EYES WIDE SHUT (2014): Recent insights by the insightful film analyst, Rob Ager. [review, critique, analysis]

KubrickCast (launched 2014): Limited Podcast with 2 hosts talking up Kubrick and his films. [review, critique, analysis]

Eyes Wide Open (2014): A touching 10-min German language (English subtitles, but the images speak for themselves) video exploration of Kubrick's early days in the Mid-20th Century working as a still photographer working his way to his first motion pictures. [review, critique, analysis]

1A4Studio - 2001 Speedrun (2014): Want to experience "2001" in less than a minute via derivative comedy animation? Well, here it finally is - can't say it's not inspired and imaginative! [superfan tribute/homage]

Eyes Wide Shut Review and Analysis by The Cutting Room Movie Podcast (uploaded to YT 2014): Review of this almost 90-min multi-media review is TBD. [review, analysis, critique]

​The Shining, The Red Book, a Critique of Room 237, and Jungian Thinking in Modern Media (2014): Haven't had a chance to review, but with a title like this, and the length, looks to be interesting! Here's a related blog re: The Shining (circa Feb 2014), but it's hard to read due to formatting. [review, critique, analysis]

Eyes Wide Open (2014): A touching 10-min German language (English subtitles, but the images speak for themselves) video exploration of Kubrick's early days in the Mid-20th Century working as a still photographer working his way to his first motion pictures. [superfan tribute/homage]

Stanley Kubrick - A Tribute (2014): Wonderful 11-minute mash homage of the directors work, just in time for the 15th anniversary of his passing in March 1999. [SK superfan tribute/homage]

PROFILES with Malone & Mantz (2014): Co-hosts film gurus Alicia Malone & Scott "Movie" Mantz focus on Stanley Kubrick and his works for over 1 hour! Includes facts, stats, and trivia and insightful phone interviews with actor Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket) and filmmaker Rodney Ascher (Room 237). [review, critique, analysis]

Red: A Kubrick Supercut (2014): Very well, RED it is! Fascinating exploration of Kubrick's fascination a primary color. [superfan tribute/homage, analysis]

IKEA Advert (Oct 2014): Can an almost 40-year-old Kubrick film impact 2014 popular culture? Sure it can! Especially in this smartly-made spoof of a scene from "The Shining" that seems way overdue. [pro tribute/homage]

BFI via YouTube (2014): The British Film Institute creates a modern-looking trailer of "2001" in honor of the film's theatrical re-release in the UK in Nov. 2014. Think about it - a 46 year-old film will be re-released in the UK - not just one revival house with a handful of showings - a wide release like any modern sci-fi blockbuster. Spectacular! [pro tribute/homage]

The Simpsons (2014): Their "Treehouse of Horror XXV" delivers the homage goods on Kubrick and his iconic films. See the complementary Rolling Stone story which includes a 90sec clip that you'll think lasted an about compression! Actually, the Producers/Writers of this world-famous long-running animated series have been making loving jokes and homages about Kubrick in several different episodes over the years (the show launched in 1989). The homage usually is not the focus of an episode, but could be considered the highlight if your an SK fan! One day, I hope to find/post a compilation of The Simpon's Kubrick references, meantime check out this page and this moviepilot story. [pro tribute/homage]

TIFF's Stanley Kubrick Exhibit (Oct 2014 - Jan 2015): The world-famous Kubrick Exhibit landed in Toronto for a few months for its second debut in N. America (first was LACMA in 2012/2013). Here is TIFF's BHTS Look at the Exhibit and related videos featuring introductions and Q/A's with the inner circle: 2001 Intro with K. Dullea and G. Lockwood Click here for TIFF YouTube channel Kubrick search results. [doc, interview]

Elstree Project/Howie Berry Sound Cloud Interviews with SK Inner Circle and Associates (uploaded 2014/2015): Great excerpts of rare interviews - J. Harlan, C. Kubrick, J. Randall, and more! [doc, interview]

Elstree Project Audio/Video Uploads (2014?): Interesting interviews with folk who worked closely with SK, including inner circle. [doc, interview]

Interstellar (2014): The long-anticipated Chris Nolan space epic oozes Kubrick/2001 homages, but it may not be considered a new 2001. Time will tell.....It's definitely something to behold! See trailer here. [pro tribute/homage]

The Director Series - Stanley Kubrick (2014): A detailed analysis of Kubrick's early films. Looks like more in the works for Kubrick later works. [doc, interview, analysis]

Jan Harlan in Bermuda (2014) [doc, interview]

Jan Harlan video interview for Film4 Fright Fest2014 RE: "The Shining" (2014) [doc, interview]

Jan Harlan, video interview for MUDA Magazine & Instantanea Interview (2014) [doc, interview]

Christiane Kubrick & Jan Harlan interviewed for the release of Taschen's "Making of 2001" (2014) [doc, interview]

​Frederic Raphael - Web of Stories (2014): Acclaimed writer Frederic Raphael tells his life stories to the camera. Several chapters of his working with Kubrick on Eyes Wide Shut in the late 1990's. If you have the time, Frederic has the beer! RELATED: Click Here for 'Web of Stories' interviews that list under Kubrick search - interesting!! [doc, interview]

Spoke Art - Tribute to Kubrick (2014): A great show in San Francisco featuring artist original images inspired by Kubrick and his films. Media story here. [superfan tribute/homage]

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight - Interview with Alan Cumming re: Eyes Wide Shut (2013) - fascinating recounting of Alan Cumming's meeting Kubrick and Tom Cruise to play the flirty Desk Clerk at the Jason Hotel in "Eyes Wide Shut" (1999)

InfoWars Show (Nov. 2013) Vivian Kubrick & Alex Jones in Dallas on the 50th anniversary of JFK assassination.​

Jan Harlan Speaking in São Paulo (2013): Assume related to the SK Exhibit at the time​ [doc, interview]

Stanley Kubrick's 7-Pieces (uploaded 2013): Interesting and creative examination of "Duality of Sex & Violence illustrated by 7 films by the great Stanley Kubrick" [analysis, critique]

Stanley Kubrick: 188 Videos/40hrs (2013): Veteran film producer Steven Bratter (Demolition Man) puts together an awesome playlist that will take you almost 2 days to consume with short breaks for stretches and coffee, assuming you don't need much sleep! [pro tribute/homage]

New Diorama Theatre "Kubrick3" (circa 2013) - an interesting theatrical presentation regarding Alan Conway, the London conman who famously impersonated Kubrick in the 1990's

Stanley Kubrick: 188 Videos/40hrs (2013): Veteran film producer Steven Bratter (Demolition Man) puts together an awesome playlist that will take you almost 2 days to consume with short breaks for stretches and coffee, assuming you don't need much sleep! [SK superfan tribute/homage]

Stanley Kubrick: 13 Films in 1 Minute (2013): A delightful speedy presentation of the Kubrick Exhibit at LACMA set to ACO's version of the William Tell Overture....Fun! [superfan tribute/homage]

Kubrick - One Point Perspective (2013): A nice short homage to Kubrick's constant employment of an aesthetic that he no doubt pioneered, but has been significantly copied by others Directors and DP's. ​[superfan tribute/homage]

The History and Science of the Slit Scan Effect used in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (2013): A studious examination by of the vanguard 1960's technique used to create the colorful slit screen in 2001, and the history behind it. Awesome demo! [superfan tribute/homage]

Animated Homage for SK's Filmography (2013?): A really nice tribute for his major works, 21st Century CGI-Style. Only a minute, but you'll want to play it 5 times. [superfan tribute/homage]

Staircases to Nowhere: Making Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" (2013): An oral-history featuring many primary sources. A bit slow, but a must-see for any Kubrick/Shining fan. Alternative Link: Elstree Project. YT Link [doc, interview]

Paul Thomas Anderson on meeting Kubrick on the set of Eyes Wide Shut (Youtube circa 2013). Cool! [doc, interview]

CNN - The Shining Obsession (2013): World-famous news outlet CNN highlights some folk's obsession with the 1980 film, including an artist who hand-creates life-sized figures of the famous characters. ​[doc, interview]

Castles, Candles and Kubrick (2013): An Irish radio audio documentary about Kubrick's sudden flight from Ireland during production of his mid-1970's masterpiece, Barry Lyndon, set in 18th Century Europe, featuring interviews with surviving crew members.​ [doc, interview]

Kubrick Archives: Find and Developing the Story (2013): Produced by London University of the Arts, where the Kubrick Archives are held. Featuring interviews with Kubrick's inner circle (family and close associates). [doc, interview]

Kubrick Archives: Music (2013): Produced by London University of the Arts, where the Kubrick Archives are held. Featuring interviews with Kubrick's inner circle - family and close associates.​ [doc, interview]

Standing on the Shoulders of Kubrick: The Legacy of "2001: A Space Odyssey" (uploaded 2013 by WB): Fascinating doc about the legacy of "2001" with interviews of some of Hollywood's most notable modern filmmakers. [doc, interview]

LACMA Kubrick Exhibit Opening Gala (2012): Short but interesting excerpts from the star-studded Gala that launched the Kubrick & Ruscha exhibits at LACMA. ​ RELATED: Unfolding the Aryan Papers (2012) Interesting short regarding the installation of the Aryan Paper section of the Kubrick Exhibit at LACMA, Nov 2012-June 2013. [pro tribute/homage]

Stanley and Us Project (circa 2012): a Collection of fascinating interviews dating back to 1997 - a must see!

Stanley Kubrick In Focus (2012): I haven't seen this doc yet, but it features a lot of big-name filmmakers influenced by Kubrick including those who worked and/or communicated with SK. According to Amazon, it's included in the new Kubrick Box Set (released Nov 2014). [doc, interview]

Room 237 (2012): Fascinating mix of various third party POV's about The Shining. See Room 237 and you'll never see "The Shining" the same way again! [pro tribute/homage, analysis]

LACMA Kubrick Exhibit Opening Gala (2012): Short but interesting excerpts from the star-studded Gala that launched the Kubrick & Ruscha exhibits at LACMA. ​ RELATED: Unfolding the Aryan Papers (2012) Interesting short regarding the installation of the Aryan Paper section of the Kubrick Exhibit at LACMA (Nov 2012-June 2013). [doc, interview]

Rejected Pitches - "The Shining" (p. 2012): Yes, it's silly stuff, but if you've ever worked with the "suits" in modern showbiz, you may get a giggle viewing of an actor playing Kubrick trying to pitch the shining to a trio of rude suits in the 21st Century. [superfan tribute/homage]

Movie Geeks United: Kubrick Series (2012): 5-part Podcast tracking the history and the works. Also linked are the uncut interviews - a treasure trove of material! [superfan tribute/homage, analysis]

The Projection Booth (2012): Ep #94 re: EWS. A 210-min podcast that delves into the many layers of EWS. [review, critique, analysis]

Once Upon a Time....A Clockwork Orange (2011): I haven't seen this yet - A film that explores the impact of Stanley Kubrick’s "A Clockwork Orange", 40 years later with interviews from primary sources. Here's a peak on YT. And here's the IMDB page. [doc, interview]

DP/30 - Leon Vitali on Kubrick (uploaded 2011): Kubrick's longtime assistant, Leon Vitali, who came to work with SK via Barry Lyndon (Vitali played adult Lord Bullingdon) and stuck with him behind-the-scenes until the very end. [doc, interview]

Kubrick's Odyssey - Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick (2011): Interesting, but politically controversial points of view presented by Jay Weidner, who also appears in Room 237.​ [analysis, conspiracy]

Project Kubrick (2011): A 4-min GGI video that captures your fascination in the first 30 seconds. The self description is best: "An immersion into the Stanley Kubrick's obsessive fascination for Napoleon Bonaparte and the film he attempted to realize on the Emperor's life." Kudos to video artist Olivier Jagut! [superfan tribute/homage]

Stanley Kubrick - The Works (uploaded 2011): Editor Joel Walden creates a wonder 4-min homage with clips from the great auteur's cannon of films. [superfan tribute/homage]

Neal Hall Photography (circa 2011) - A nice collection of photographs of locations in the UK used for various SK Films. A number of the link-to's in the text don't seem to work, but the pics are priceless! [superfan tribute, homage]

Kubrick's Poetry (2010): Well cut and well done! [superfan tribute/homage]

Color me Kubrick (released 2005, Color Feature Film, UK/USA, 86min): Special mention to CMK as a related work as it obviously bares the Kubrick name, was made by Kubrick's close associates, and is based on the true story about an infamous conman posing as Kubrick in/around London in the late 1990's. CMK is directed by Brian W. Cook who worked as an assistant director to Kubrick going back to at least Barry Lyndon days. Likewise, CMK writer Anthony Frewin assisted Kubrick consistently at least since the 2001; A Space Odyssey days. I believe many of CMK's producers/creatives and crew members were former Kubrick associates. Click here for trailer on YT. [pro tribute/homage]

Nabokov - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lolita? (2009): Fascinating documentary on the infamous 20th century novel writer who would inspire Kubrick to make the movie nobody thought could be made. [doc, interview]

Kubrick Season (2008): The Brits really know how to honor Mr. K. Check out this 1-minute Ch. 4 Kubrick Season promo video that puts you right on the set of The Shining in the late 1970's! [pro tribute/homage]

Stanley Kubrick - Boxes (2008): Fascinating documentary by Jon Ronson about Kubrick's obsessive storage desires and elaborate home office filing system. Great insights! Click here for a trailer on YouTube. [doc, interview]

Steven and Stanley (2008?): Fascinating doc about the collaboration of Spielberg and Kubrick leading up to Kubrick's untimely death in 1999, and well beyond. [doc, interview]

Lost Kubrick aka The Unfinished Films of Stanley Kubrick (2007): Fascinating look at what could have been featuring SK's intimate crew and some legendary artists who worked with him. Narrated by Malcolm McDowell (lead in "A Clockwork Orange"). [doc, interview]

Jan Harlan Speaking at the Kubrick Exhibit Rome (2007) [doc, interview]

Spraakmakers (2006): 30min German doc, mainly an interview with SK widow Christiane Kubrick. Need to find. [doc, interview]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005): Director Tim Burton borrows 2001's iconic Apes/Monolith scene in a bitter-sweet chocolately way! [pro tribute/homage]

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004): Feature film with actor Stanley Tucci (nice coincidence) playing Kubrick in fantasy flashback negotiating and working with the notorious but brilliant Sellers of the early 1960's. Good/interesting movie in its own right. Here's a link to the movie trailer on YT. And here's a YT link to a compilation of scenes featuring Stanley Tucci playing Kubrick. [pro tribute/homage]

Dark Side of the Moon (2002): French produced mockumentary about Kubrick's long-rumored involvement with faking the 1969 US moon shot with tech developed for 2001. Featuring so many recognizable sources, you just may think it's a real exposé. Ready to see for yourself (bwhahahaha)? Here's a YT Link. [pro tribute/homage]

Stanley Kubrick: A life in Pictures (2001): Wonderful long-form homage by longtime Partner/EP Jan Harlan. [doc, interview, pro tribute/homage]

2001: The Making of a Myth (Circa 2001): Produced by Lucida Productions. Featuring interesting interviews with Arthur C. Clarke and other key collaborators. Can be found on the web and via special features on select "2001" DVD's. [doc, interview, pro tribute/homage]

Charlie Rose Interviews C. Kubrick, J. Harlan, and M. Scorsese (2001): Fascinating interview! Approx 1-hr. [doc, interview]

Spielberg, Cruise and Kidman on Kubrick (1999): Short interviews, found on special features on Eyes Wide Shut DVD's. Produced by Lucida Productions. Here's a rare find: The extended Paul Joyce (Lucida Productions) interviews with Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise and Nikole Kidman. [doc, interview]

Stardust (circa 2000?): Dutch produced documentary that seems to have been released shortly after Kubrick's death in 1999. There's little verbal English, but the subtitles are as wonderful as the POV's, which are very interesting compared to English-speaking critics. Some great rare moving images of Kubrick in the 1960's and beyond. [doc, interview]

​Montage of March 1999 SK Obituaries: A unique montage (almost an hour) of USA TV obits circa March 1999 after Kubrick died unexpectedly. Compiled by James Marinaccio, Stanley Kubrick Appreciation Society. [doc, interview, superfan tribute/homage]

Stanley Kubrick: The Last Movie (1999): Documentary covering the last decade of Kubricks life, culminating in Eyes Wide Shut. Interviews with key insiders and industry luminaries. Produced by Lucida Productions. [doc, interview]

Wendy Carlos on Kubrick (1999) - Electronic music wiz Carlos reflects on her working relationship with Kubrick (ACO and The Shining) shortly after his passing. [pro tribute/homage]

Stanley and Us (1999): Haven't seen this one - sounds like something to track down in any language! Here's some 2014 info on Stanley and Us, including trailers. [doc, interview]

Montage of March 1999 SK Obits: A unique montage (almost an hour) of USA TV obits circa March 1999 after Kubrick died unexpectedly. Compiled/montaged in Dec 2015 by James Marinaccio, Stanley Kubrick Appreciation Society. [SK superfan tribute/homage]

Roger Ebert and Critic Friends on EWS (1999): The late/great Roger Ebert goes around the table with 4 other smart critics on Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and other landmarks. [doc, interview]

​Spielberg on Kubrick at the 71st Academy Awards (1999): Spielberg provides unique homage to the Kubrick legacy shortly after his passing at this star-studded awards event (for films released in 1998).​ [pro tribute/homage]

PRIOR TO 1999 (Before Kubrick Passed in March 1999)

Kubrick DGA Award Acceptance Speech (1998): Short and sweet self-produced video thanking the Director's Guild of American for the rare D.W. Griffith Lifetime Achievement Award. Probably the last time the public can see/hear Kubrick alive on recorded media. Click Here for a transcript. [doc, interview]

Stanley Kubrick: The Invisible Man (1996): Interesting doc produced by Lucida Productions while Kubrick was still alive. [doc, interview]

Cinefile: Stanley Kubrick (1996): A 1-hr program that aired on UK's Ch. 4 exploring Kubrick and his works into the mid-1990's. (i.e. prior to production of Eyes Wide Shut). Interesting! Note - in 4x15min pieces on youtube. [doc, interview]

Sterling Hayden recalls working w/ Stanley Kubrick on 'The Killing' & 'Dr. Strangelove' (circa 1980/90's?): Short clip, not sure when it was recorded, but fascinating!

Making of Full Metal Jacket (Circa 1986/87): Shot by his daughter Vivian Kubrick circa 1986/87. The film was found stored in cans on the Estate, but reportedly not edited/released. Some clips can be found in other released productions, such as KUBRICK: BOXES. RELATED - A Warner Bros Version of the Making of FMJ on YouTube.​ [doc, interview]

Siskel and Ebert on Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket and other Kubrick films (assume circa 1987): This is video clip uploaded to YT in Nov 2015. Both these revered 20th Century film critics are long dead, they live on here.​ [review, critique, analysis]

Making of the Shining (circa 1980): An intense doc shot on location by his daughter Vivian Kubrick. Vivian's rare documentary can be found on some "The Shining" DVD's, at least in the USA. [doc, interview]

​Kubrick on Directing (audio only, circa 1980 per the YT poster): Short but interesting piece of info. [doc, interview]

Compilation of French Radio Interviews (1973-1987): This YT video is mainly an hour of Kubrick-only audio, painstakingly edited by a fan from hours of interviews between French film critic Michel Ciment and Kubrick to eliminate the questions and translations. It's a bit strange to listen like this, but it's a very nice and rare treat. A much shorter and easier-on-the-ears version can be found at this YT Link. [doc, interview]

Creative Arts Television on A Clockwork Orange (aired circa 1972): A fascinating ~30min interview on Youtube featuring Anthony Burgess (ACO book writer) and Malcolm McDowell (Alex in SK's ACO) moderated by cinema historian William Everson. Time trip!! Related Indiewire Story, March 2015.​ [doc, interview]

2001: A Space Odyssey - A Look Behind the Future (circa 1967): A very nice treat on many levels. Not only does it feature rare BHTS footage of Kubrick working on 2001, but it also frames the intent of the making of 2001 and helps to document the space race shortly before the moon landing in 1969. Moreover, it provides nice insight into the mindset of the mid-20th century intellectuals working in the early space programs. I believe this video is found on blu-ray versions of 2001. [doc, interview

Kubrick Interviews with Jeremy Bernstein (audio only, Circa 1966): More required "reading" for die-hard Kubrick fans.Perhaps the only recording of its kind with over an hour of discussion with 2001-era Kubrick. (Sound Cloud link of the the same) RELATED: Jeremy Bernstein testimonials on Web of Stories.​ RELATED: Artistic take of the 1966 interview with visuals, created by a fan in 2015. [doc, interview]

Dr. Strangelove Promo Reels (Circa 1964): Very interesting footage of what appears to be promo reels produced and narrated by Kubrick himself for studio/distributor consideration containing extended and alternative takes.[doc, interview]

​Click here for th the results of searching KUBRICK at the YouTube channel for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (aka The Oscars): While you won't see Kubrick in the audience or accepting an award, there is some very interesting commentary. [pro tribute/homage]


JNatch's YoutTube Channel - pretty much dedicated to TV shows and clips about Kubrick and/or his works, mainly recorded by the channel producer since the dawn of the VHS and other home recording machines.

Kubrick - A Dinner in 5 parts - read the explanation for yourself!

Kubrick in product print and billboard advertising

Here's a starter list of pro-produced music videos that appear to significantly reference SK and/or his works, mainly via visuals. List courtesy of James Marinaccio, the SK Appreciation Society:

​The Thompson Twins - Lies Motely Crue - Hooligans Holiday Blur - The Universal Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop

Lenny Kravitz - Believe Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass Too Live Crew - Me So Horny Muse - Time is Running Out

Mallory Knox -Beggars Slipknot - Spit it Out Thirty Seconds to Mars - The Kill The Adicts - Viva Le Revolution

Mudvayne - Dull Boy M83 - Wait Soundgarden - Halfway There Massive Attack - Karmacoma Shihad - Pacifier

Chris Isaak - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World [pro tribute/homage]

Note: There's more pop music (sans video) that seems to reference SK and/or his works.

Working for Kubrick as a teenager on 2001 as a teenager by Bruce Logan (

Alex in the Chelsea Drugstore - Fascinating examination of what we CAN see in the ACO music-store scene.

Kubrick/Bernstein Archive- A cool page dedicated to the rare mid-1960's interview encounter.

Welcome to Somerton - Fun Tumblr page dedicated to "Kubrick connections and the Mystery of Eyes Wide Shut".

​Medicom Toy Store's Kubrick Collection - Apparently, there's a toy maker that dedicated a collection to Kubrick...and why not!

Fear and Desire History - A wonderful and thorough web-resource focusing on SK's very first feature film released in 1953...which he tried to have all copies destroyed in the years that followed! - Looks like a lot of TLC went into it, but I can't tell if recently updated (a/o late 2014).

​List of Winners of the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film (began in year 2000).

The Stanley Kubrick Experience - the Creator's summary sums it up quite nicely: "One girls passion for one mans work".

Cinephilia & Beyond (All Hail Barry Lyndon) - great in-depth story about lasting appeal and making of Kubrick's 18th century period piece.

IdyllopusPress Presents (tag: Kubrick) - Interesting collection of Kubrick-themed passages from Juli Kearns.

Hobby Talk (Re: 2001 Models and Miniatures) - Want to know what happened to the iconic pieces after production of 2001 wrapped, as told second hand by 2001 expert David Larson? It's a fascinating story. Pictures of the 2001 Space Wheel left abandoned in a field can be found on the web.

The Overlook Hotel - Fascinating homage to Kubrick's "The Shining", featuring lots of rare and behind-the-scenes images. Interestingly, the site is managed by the Director of "Toy Story 3" (Lee Unkrich).

Kubrickonia - A blog devoted to Kubrick. Last updated March 2010 after a nice run dating back to 2007. And here I am talking about 2007 like it's a long time ago (Circa 2014). Guess it is!

SK's Napoleon Blog - Looks like project start/stop in 2008.

Jeffrey Scott Berstein's Kubrick Site - Has some interesting insights, looks like a lot of time/thought went into the presentations.

2001 Spacesuit Project - A nice exploration of all thing 2001

2001: Exhibit - Says coming soon (c. Oct 2015) but I think it may have been a bigger website at one point?

Kubrick 2001 - A very cool analysis of the imaginary infinite via flash animation, presented in almost every language. It's fun and interesting, and you can instantly recognize that a lot of TLC went into its creation.

Directors and Actors talk about Stanley Kubrick - Nice collection of testimonials from 15 different greats.

Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide - Obviously an early adopter of the Internet, wonderful blasts from the past!

Kubrick Collection - Want to rent film equipment like SK's?

Kubrick Wiki - Everyone deserves a Wiki!

Tony McKibbin on EWS - Interesting Essay, not sure when it was written - probably 2000's?

Stuff About Stanley Kubrick - Great list of news/article links!

Satellite Map of Kubrick's Childwickbury Manor Estate in the UK - Sure, it looks inviting from the outside, but don't even think about getting close and personal if uninvited or attending a special public event - it's a large gated private property and Kubrick preferred to keep strangers away from his home which also served as the main work-space for pre and post production for the later films. But you can check out the driveway and first gates by foot or car just outside the quaint Village of Saint Albans, which is a short ride from London (car or train). Actually, St. Albans is pretty interesting and worth a visit, a classic English village featuring a very old historic church. Imagine Kubrick, who was barely recognizable in person, doing some village shopping like anyone, picking up evening dinner or perhaps a pack of cigs, getting some custom stationary, or ordering his infamous storage boxes.

Eyes Wide Shut - 1999 Website Snapshot- This is a sample of the official WB website for EWS circa the film's release. If you visit today (circa late 2013), you'll be transferred to a modern WB sales page for the home video. Note: This was the only official website created to market a Kubrick release on its first run for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who knows the history of the web and the releases of Kubrick's films. It's a very simple site as you can see, but not just because of the nature of the web circa 1999. According to WB execs, the EWS website was sparse because SK did not have much interest in web marketing, despite his documented great interest in computers and gadgets.


Courtesy of James Marinaccio, the SK Appreciation Society: Special Kubrick & David Lynch Connections:

Richard Farnsworth - stunt man on SK's Spartacus and star of Lynch's The Straight Story . Chris Issac - provided a major song (Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing) for EWS and acted in Lynch's Fire Walk With Me. Anthony Hopkins - starred in Lynch's Elephant Man, dubbed the voice of Laurence Olivier for the oyster scene (lost audio) in the re-release of SK's Spartacus. Jennifer Jason Leigh - was once casted in SK's EWS (unused takes, recasted), recently casted in Lynch's new Twin Peaks!