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Wikipedia's Stanley Kubrick Page - Don't know much about Stanley Kubrick or his works? Well then, start with Wiki

Related Wikipedia: Kubrick's Unrealized Projects Kubrick's Bibliography Influence of Kubrick Political & Religious

IMDB's Stanley Kubrick Page - The leading entertainment industry database. Here you can see all the talented folk Kubrick worked with since the early 1950's. Numerous discussion groups at the bottom of the page.

Stanley Kubrick Exhibit - See where the awesome and world-famous Kubrick Exhibit is currently showing and headed next - Perhaps a country & city near you!

Kubrick Archive in London, UK - Interested in personally examining papers, items and props SK and his Cast/Crews handled on his film productions? The Archive contains most of what's not travelling with the SK Exhibit and/or retained by the Estate. And they're really nice about making personal inspection wishes come true (personal experience in 2009).

Visual Memory aka Stanley Kubrick aka The Kubrick Site - Best SK homage website since the beginning of the 21st. Dive deep and you'll be there all day, maybe all week, all month....

Official Warner Brothers Kubrick Page (now on Facebook) - Have to include WB...after all, WB owns the distribution rights to most of Kubrick library and financed/marketed all of his later films. They trusted Kubrick with their name, reputation and money, so please buy your brand new Kubrick DVD's via Warners. Cool: here's a result list of searching Kubrick at WB.

NY Times Collection - A great resource of historical NY Times-related coverage.

Reddit's Kubrick Page - Hot stuff on the net, for now, basically replaces the old Google AMK Group that's been hi-jacked by just about everything.

Mathew Hunt's Kubrick Page - A wonder scrolling page of information and invaluable references, including a comprehensive listing of Kubrick in the News from the 1940's-1990's. If you're looking for a fine collection of references to 20th Century periodicals about SK or penned by SK, start here!

​ - A comprehensive SK site in Italian that was started in 1999 - designed, produced and mantained by Kubrick Superfan Filippo Ulivieri. Here's the abridged English Version:

​​Christiane Kubrick - Official website of this accomplished Artist, and Kubrick's third & final wife of over 40 years.

Museum of the City of New York - A wonderful collection of still photos taken by Kubrick during his "LOOK" years - about 5,000 images to see of over 15,000 archived, many never published!

The Stanley Kubrick Appreciation Channel (aka JNatch's YouTube Channel) - This Kubrick superfan (in his 50's a/o 2018) has been recording Kubrick-related TV shows since the dawn of the VHS machine and has put his treasures on YT for the world to enjoy and/or study. Alternative/Related SKAS YouTube Channel

2001ItaliaIt - A wonderful and treasure-filled blog devoted to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey

The Kubrick Series - A fantastic tribute to Kubrick via in-depth interviews and rare finds. Worth the trip! Related: The Kubrick Series Uncut

Kubrick's Universe Podcast - launched in 2018 by Kubrick superfans who admin the SKAS facebook group, this podcast is growing exponentially with guests ranging from seasoned cast/crew and showbiz greats who have worked closely with Kubrick, to young thinkers and writers who are discovering Kubrick in the 21st Century.

KUBRICKIAN.ORG - This website or the previous version...just some blatant self promotion :)


Facebook (page) - The Official Stanley Kubrick Facebook Page managed by the SK Estate & Warners; >2M followers

​Facebook (page) - Simply titled "Stanley Kubrick" >30K followers. Looks fan-runned

Facebook (group) - The Stanley Kubrick Appreciation Society (SKAS), created in 2011. >15K members

Facebook (group) - A modern home for Alt.Kubrick.Movies that first started a cyber boards when the internet was very young​

Facebook (group) - The Kubrick Society, created in 2018. >10K Members

Facebook (page) - Stanley Kubrick Meet-Ups (N. America)

Facebook (page) - Dedicated to "2001", almost 1-million likes!

Facebook (page) - looks like this page is managed by the official SK Archives, rare pics and facts posted regularly

Facebook (page) - Pretty active SK fan site (as of June 2016)

Twitter @StanleyKubrick - the Official Twitter Page of the Kubrick Estate and WB

Twitter #KUBRICK - Check out what fans are tweeting!

Twitter #KUBRICKIAN - Also pretty busy!

Stanley Kubrick Meetup Group - NYC/USA

Related - SK Meetup NYC Tumblr

Stanley Kubrick Meetup Group - Toronto/Canada

Google Group - Part of the Alt.Movies.Kubrick phenom

Reddit - Stanley Kubrick

Tumblr - Kubrick Image Search - Awesome visual results!


Everything Explained Today - Stanley Kubrick - Appears very well researched!

Blackdog TV's KUBRICK YouTube Playlist - A great list of rare clips and docs

Vivian Kubrick's Twitter Page - Seems to be the real deal. Controversial perhaps, but always interesting! Click here for a YouTube Search for Vivian Kubrick for interesting perspectives about our modern times and unique inside info about her father.