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A new data firm in London, UK bears the Kubrick name - just a coincidence?

Related: June 2018 70min Podcast with the founders of The Kubrick Group about their company and mission

Kubrick - A Dinner in 5 parts - read the explanation for yourself!

Kubrick in product print and billboard advertising

Here's a starter list of pro-produced music videos that appear to significantly reference SK and/or his works, mainly via visuals. List courtesy of James Marinaccio, the SK Appreciation Society:

​The Thompson Twins - Lies Motely Crue - Hooligans Holiday Blur - The Universal Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop

Lenny Kravitz - Believe Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass Too Live Crew - Me So Horny Muse - Time is Running Out

Mallory Knox -Beggars Slipknot - Spit it Out Thirty Seconds to Mars - The Kill The Adicts - Viva Le Revolution

Mudvayne - Dull Boy M83 - Wait Soundgarden - Halfway There Massive Attack - Karmacoma Shihad - Pacifier

Chris Isaak - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World [pro tribute/homage]

Note: There's more pop music (sans video) that seems to reference SK and/or his works.

Working for Kubrick as a teenager on 2001 as a teenager by Bruce Logan (

Alex in the Chelsea Drugstore - Fascinating examination of what we CAN see in the ACO music-store scene.

Kubrick/Bernstein Archive- A cool page dedicated to the rare mid-1960's interview encounter.

Welcome to Somerton - Fun Tumblr page dedicated to "Kubrick connections and the Mystery of Eyes Wide Shut".

​Medicom Toy Store's Kubrick Collection - Apparently, there's a toy maker that dedicated a collection to Kubrick...and why not!

Fear and Desire History - A wonderful and thorough web-resource focusing on SK's very first feature film released in 1953...which he tried to have all copies destroyed in the years that followed! - Looks like a lot of TLC went into it, but I can't tell if recently updated (a/o late 2014).

​List of Winners of the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film (began in year 2000).

The Stanley Kubrick Experience - the Creator's summary sums it up quite nicely: "One girls passion for one mans work".

Cinephilia & Beyond (All Hail Barry Lyndon) - great in-depth story about lasting appeal and making of Kubrick's 18th century period piece.

IdyllopusPress Presents (tag: Kubrick) - Interesting collection of Kubrick-themed passages from Juli Kearns.

Hobby Talk (Re: 2001 Models and Miniatures) - Want to know what happened to the iconic pieces after production of 2001 wrapped, as told second hand by 2001 expert David Larson? It's a fascinating story. Pictures of the 2001 Space Wheel left abandoned in a field can be found on the web.

The Overlook Hotel - Fascinating homage to Kubrick's "The Shining", featuring lots of rare and behind-the-scenes images. Interestingly, the site is managed by the Director of "Toy Story 3" (Lee Unkrich).

Kubrickonia - A blog devoted to Kubrick. Last updated March 2010 after a nice run dating back to 2007. And here I am talking about 2007 like it's a long time ago (Circa 2014). Guess it is!

SK's Napoleon Blog - Looks like project start/stop in 2008.

Jeffrey Scott Berstein's Kubrick Site - Has some interesting insights, looks like a lot of time/thought went into the presentations.

2001 Spacesuit Project - A nice exploration of all thing 2001

2001: Exhibit - Says coming soon (c. Oct 2015) but I think it may have been a bigger website at one point?

Kubrick 2001 - A very cool analysis of the imaginary infinite via flash animation, presented in almost every language. It's fun and interesting, and you can instantly recognize that a lot of TLC went into its creation.

Directors and Actors talk about Stanley Kubrick - Nice collection of testimonials from 15 different greats.

Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide - Obviously an early adopter of the Internet, wonderful blasts from the past!

Kubrick Collection - Want to rent film equipment like SK's?

Kubrick Wiki - Everyone deserves a Wiki!

Tony McKibbin on EWS - Interesting Essay, not sure when it was written - probably 2000's?

Stuff About Stanley Kubrick - Great list of news/article links!

Satellite Map of Kubrick's Childwickbury Manor Estate in the UK - Sure, it looks inviting from the outside, but don't even think about getting close and personal if uninvited or attending a special public event - it's a large gated private property and Kubrick preferred to keep strangers away from his home which also served as the main work-space for pre and post production for the later films. But you can check out the driveway and first gates by foot or car just outside the quaint Village of Saint Albans, which is a short ride from London (car or train). Actually, St. Albans is pretty interesting and worth a visit, a classic English village featuring a very old historic church. Imagine Kubrick, who was barely recognizable in person, doing some village shopping like anyone, picking up evening dinner or perhaps a pack of cigs, getting some custom stationary, or ordering his infamous storage boxes.

Eyes Wide Shut - 1999 Website Snapshot- This is a sample of the official WB website for EWS circa the film's release. If you visit today (circa late 2013), you'll be transferred to a modern WB sales page for the home video. Note: This was the only official website created to market a Kubrick release on its first run for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who knows the history of the web and the releases of Kubrick's films. It's a very simple site as you can see, but not just because of the nature of the web circa 1999. According to WB execs, the EWS website was sparse because SK did not have much interest in web marketing, despite his documented great interest in computers and gadgets.


Courtesy of James Marinaccio, the SK Appreciation Society: Special Kubrick & David Lynch Connections:

Richard Farnsworth - stunt man on SK's Spartacus and star of Lynch's The Straight Story . Chris Issac - provided a major song (Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing) for EWS and acted in Lynch's Fire Walk With Me. Anthony Hopkins - starred in Lynch's Elephant Man, dubbed the voice of Laurence Olivier for the oyster scene (lost audio) in the re-release of SK's Spartacus. Jennifer Jason Leigh - was once casted in SK's EWS (unused takes, recasted), recently casted in Lynch's new Twin Peaks!