Kent Student Education Association

Our Members

Our organization is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for the field of education. All education majors are welcome to join KSEA!

Opportunities Provided

KSEA shares volunteer opportunities, community projects, job opportunities, and resources that will benefit careers in education. We provide a FREE membership to OEA Aspiring Educators (OEA-AE) and many networking opportunities too.

As we are a pre-professional organization, we provide professional development opportunities as well.

Meetings & Topics

We have monthly meetings on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. At meetings, we discuss a range of topics such as classroom management, microaggressions, and differentiated instruction. At meetings, we bring in speakers within the education field to share their knowledge with aspiring educators. Meetings are a great way to meet new friends that are also education majors!


Ohio Education Association

KSEA is affiliated with the Ohio Education Association. All KSEA members are given the opportunity to sign up for an OEA-AE membership. We act very closely with OEA which allows us numerous opportunities.

National Education Association

KSEA and OEA are affiliates of the National Education Association. NEA is the largest labor union in the United States and represents public school teachers and other support personnel.


Paint Night

Read Across America

Paint the Rock

KSEA Fall Conference

OEA Conference

Mentor Program

Homecoming Parade

Community Service

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