What is Kronic Zombie Survival?..

Kronic Zombie Survival is a unique concept of a future/modern Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse. Kronic is a acronym for Kinetic Regenerative Opaque Necro Intelligent Cell. These k.r.o.n.i.c. cells being experimented on are what started the infection. You start as a Traveller whose mission is to find a way to survive the k.r.o.n.i.c. infection. In doing so you will gain some new rank abilities and learn more about how special you can be to the K.O.R.E.

Connect with IP: kroniczombie.net


If you would like to see what's going on each day on the server follow us on Twitter!

How to Play:

Kronic Zombie Survival has a lot of things you can earn and do in the zombie apocalypse. This page will help you to understand the mechanics of the Kronic Zombie Survival Server. Remember this is not basic Minecraft anymore. We have even started creating videos to help guide the newest of players.


Kronic Zombie Survival is a free to play server, with that said we could not keep this alive without our supporters! If you would like to support the server or just want a neat perk to show off while you play. Then check out our buycraft page it does help push are hosting funds into the future!


Do you make Content? Kronic Zombie would like to help Promote your Channel('s) along with your help in promoting the server. Just enter the server and use the command /youtube.

Click your player head in the GUI and be sent a link to sign up for our /youtube!


Download Discord here: https://discordapp.com/download

You can join our Discord server here: JOIN NOW!

Google Plus:

Kronic Zombie Survival has a pre-established form of news and communication on Google Plus. You can consider this the Kronic Zombie Forum. You will need to request to be added to the Google Plus. Most request are handled within 24 hours or request.