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Selected Presentations

(Solicited) Rocci, K. S. and M.F. Cotrufo. Soil carbon and nitrogen responses to global change are informed by soil organic matter fractions. Oral presentation at: European Geophysical Union, 2023 April 24-28; Vienna, Austria

Rocci, K. S., M.I. Bird, J. M. Blair, A.K. Knapp, C. Liang, and M. F. Cotrufo. Soil organic matter as modified by thirty years of increased precipitation at a tallgrass prairie. Oral and poster presentations at: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2022 December 12-16; Chicago, IL & Soil Ecology Society, 2022 May 17-19; Richland, WA.

Rocci, K. S., K. S. Barker, J. M. Lavallee, C. E. Stewart, E. W. Seabloom, E. T. Borer, S. E. Hobbie, J. D. Bakker, A. S. MacDougall, R. L. McCulley, J. L. Moore, X. Raynaud, C. J. Stevens, M. F. Cotrufo. Soil organic carbon response to global environmental change is informed by mineral-associated and particulate organic matter. Oral and poster presentations  at: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2021 December 13-17; New Orleans, LA & Ecological Society of America, 2020 August 3-6; Virtual.

Rocci, K. S., J. Lavallee, and M.F. Cotrufo. Soil organic carbon response to climate warming depends on its distribution between particulate and mineral-associated organic matter pools. Oral presentation at: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2020 December 1-17; Virtual.

Rocci, K. S., J. Lavallee, and M.F. Cotrufo. Not all soil carbon is made equal: mineral associated and particulate organic matter carbon respond differently to global environmental change. Oral presentation at: Graduate Climate Conference, 2020 Oct 30-Nov 1; Virtual.

Rocci, K. S., J. Lavallee, and M.F. Cotrufo.  Can soil carbon be a climate solution when it is threatened by warming? Oral presentation at: CSU Speaks (a community outreach event), 2020 October 23; Virtual.

Rocci, K. S., S. Fonte, and M.F. Cotrufo. Can biochar-plant interactions alter the fate of fertilizer nitrogen to create a more sustainable agricultural system? Oral presentation at: SSSA International Soils Meeting; 2019 Jan 6-9; San Diego, CA.

Fellowships and Awards

In collaboration with my advisors, I have procured over $173,000 towards my research and scholarship. Find selected fellowships and awards below:

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow ($138,000) / September 2019 - September 2022

CSU SoGES Sustainability Leadership Fellow / August 2021 – May 2022

PEO Scholar, PEO International ($20000) / 2021-2022

Best Poster, Ecological Society of America  ($1200) / 2020 Meeting

GDPE Small Grant Awardee ($3000) / April 2021

Vice President for Research Fellow, CSU Office of the Vice President for Research ($4000) / March 2021

Warner College Outstanding Teaching Assistant ($500) / 2019-2020

Second Place, Graduate Student Oral, Front Range Student Ecology Symposium/ February 2019

RMAIS Fellow & GDPE Small Grant Awardee ($2400) / Summer 2018