Programming is broken
Many people wish they could program, but are alienated by steep learning curves, arcane syntax, hundreds of languages, and obscure poorly-documented errors. Spreadsheets are a decent stopgap, but as soon as more complex behavior is desired, users have no choice but to write code. Educational languages do exist, such as scratch, blockly, and others, but a giant chasm exists between educational languages and professional ones.
The kriteris engine eschews syntax for declarative conceptual programming just as this father managed to teach his child sophisticated concepts using a pen and paper.
The following video illustrates how one would calculate a series of sines and cosines and sum them together. We can see intermediate calculations, mix in higher level concepts such as tables, and create something akin to a reactive notebook, meaning the entire computation updates itself as it's composed, like a spreadsheet. If blurry, increase the resolution (1080p works best):