As the Exec. Dir. of Digital Learning & Enablement for the San Francisco Unified School District, I am charged to build capacity in partnership with our community to leverage, use, and create with technology in effective, sustainable, and strategic ways to transform SFUSD into a digital district.

With my team, I support, guide, mentor, and facilitate adults in thoughtfully integrating digital resources into their practice to make a positive impact for students. Ensuring that adults are comfortable in using district-wide systems paves the way for a more personalized learning environment.

I started teaching English HS focusing on female education, and eventually I developed a passion for technology within instruction and learning. Occasionally, I teach higher ed courses.

With a few degrees (BA, M.Ed., and Ed.D.), some publications, and a handful of certifications/badges (Google Trainer, Google Level 1 and 2, Google Innovator, Common Sense Media Certified Educator, Common Sense Education Ambassador, CUE Lead Learner).

I present/speak at #edtech conferences, and I sit on a couple of edu-based and tech-based boards.

GSuite allows for transformative pedagogy, and am constantly amazed at how powerful the tools can be if leveraged with a creative and innovative mind. I challenge users to be concrete in the why of using tools, to consider how else might they be able to meet their objectives, to find through lines for meaningful collaboration, and to constantly ask "yes, and?"

I root for the White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Fire, and Hawks. I crave pizza, hot dogs, sliders, and beef sandwiches. Green beer only when the river is green.

I cook. I travel. I do one more than the other, but I'm always up for tasting new flavors and exploring new places. If you don't try, how will you know?

I like to dance. A lot. And play music. Coloring is fun. I'm a sucker for Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, Prairie Home Companion, and Says You. A good cup of coffee while reading the news is a welcome respite.

If I were on sabbatical, I would transcribe my books for digital press. I miss writing.

I like hashtags. #BuildEmpathy #RememberTheWhy #HowMightWe #YesAnd #TheHeartOfTheMatter #gsd #jfs #lig

English is not my first language, though it is my primary language.

My three kids are my priority. I ultimately live for them.