With nearly 20 years experience in public and private education ranging from classroom teaching to district office leadership, I am versed in pedagogy, instructional technology, project and change management, leadership, communications, and strategies.

I focus on transforming change that integrates strategy, technology, and community in an effort to improve student learning outcomes aligned to core values. I provide vision and leadership to assess potential areas of opportunity in which digital technology can facilitate delivery of systems and programs, foster student learning, and enhance operational effectiveness. My background in educational technology, and project and change management fosters my leadership in systems implementation.

In partnership with school leadership and the community, I guide project and change management on:

  • Digital Integration Strategic Planing

  • Digital Citizenship & Student Data Privacy, including Digital Backpack

  • Systems implementation

  • Digital Learning Integration, including learning environments

Past experience includes: Innovation Coordinator, ED of Change Management, ED of Digital Learning & Enablement, and Dir. of Google, at San Francisco Unified School District

Degrees & Certifications

  • BA in English and Education

  • M.Ed. in Education, Language, and Literacy

  • Ed.D., in Learning & Instruction: Instructional Technology

  • Prosci Change Management Practitioner, Google Trainer, Google Level 1 and 2, Google Innovator, Common Sense Education Certified Educator, Common Sense Education Ambassador, CUE Lead Learner


Personal Insights

I root for the White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Fire, and Hawks. I crave pizza, hot dogs, sliders, and beef sandwiches.

I cook. I travel. I do one more than the other, but I'm always up for tasting new flavors and exploring new places. And most recently, took up surfing. If you don't try, how will you know?

I like to dance it out. And play music. Coloring is fun. I laugh with Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and I miss Prairie Home Companion. A good cup of coffee while reading the news is a welcome respite.

If I were on sabbatical, I would transcribe my books for digital press. I flow writing.

I like hashtags. #BuildEmpathy #RememberTheWhy #HowMightWe #YesAnd #TheHeartOfTheMatter #gsd #jfs #lig

English is not my first language, though it is my primary language.

My three kids are my priority. I ultimately live for them.