Comparative Biomechanics At Bangor

Research lab of Dr. Kris Crandell at Bangor University



The Bangor Biomechanics Bunch explores the consequences of mechanical constraints. The application of engineering principles to human and animal locomotion yields accurate and testable assessments of the physical limits of an organism, which provides limits and pressures in evolutionary ecology. 

 Ongoing Projects

Jumping Mechanics in Cuban Tree Frogs

MSres Student Callum Stanley is exploring how surface properties impact jump performance.

Pigeons in Slow Flight

Undergraduate dissertation students are currently examining the role of the tail in slow flight with our Bangor Uni pigeons

Toe pad & Claw Morphology 

MSres Student Celine Murray is building a database of morphometrics for adhesion and attachment in geckos, and exploring functionality. 

Mechanics and Energetics of Hovering

Ongoing field work to quantify flight performance using accelerometry. 

Bird beak function

A recent study examined the functional performance of drag reduction in kingfisher beaks between terrestrial & aquatic species. (Crandell et al, 2019)

Ongoing field work to quantify flight performance using accelerometry. 



I am always keen to find kind and motivated PhD, MS, or Postdoctoral researchers! Please contact me for more details. 

Twitter: @kriscrandell

email: k.crandell AT



I currently teach on the following modules in Bangor's School of Natural Sciences:

BSX-1028: Tutorials Year 1

BSX-2021: Bioscience Skills & Tutorials Year 2

BSX-2041: Introduction to Ornithology

BSX-3166: Advances in Ornithology

BSX-2037: Spain Field Course

BSM-4000: Taught Masters

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