Krina Patel
Empathetic experienced educator specializing in digital technology integration in K - 12 and higher education.
Committed to fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring inclusion.


Education & Technology


Providing research support to teams developing education technology products. Literature Reviews, current research and best practices that inform the development of robust innovative products.

Program Development

Developing and implementing programs that leverage digital resources for effective teaching and learning.

Professional Learning

Teacher guides and manuals accompanying media & tech. products


One on one trainings, webinars and workshops

Instruction & Technology

Higher Education

How does learning happen outside formal classroom settings? What is the role of tools [technology], the body and senses in learning? How does this impact the design of educational programs? My research drew from the literature on embodiment and cognition to better understand these questions.
While completing my doctoral research at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, I also worked at the HGSE Learning Technologies lab. Over my time there I became a teaching fellow mainly supporting faculty in integrating technology. I worked as a head teaching fellow with Professsor David Perkins teaching his popular course on Cognition and the Art of Instruction. In addition I assisted with courses on Universal Design for Learning, Gender and Education, Global Education and Narratives in Learning. The later with Professor Mary Catherine Bateson.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School