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Purpose of Eco Club

Karimpur Pannadevi College Eco Club has initiated various activities to fulfil our mission of "Go Green". We have following works in hand:-

  1. Waste Management Program

  2. Sustainable Management

  3. Maintenace and Rearing of Medicinal and Herbal garden

  4. Publication of Monthly Bulletin entitled " Prakriti"

What we've done

Water- pots : for Birds

Herbal Plantation: work on 24-03-2022

Ocimum sanctum (Rama Tulsi) in our Herbal Garden

Work of Waste management group:

Update- 24-03-2022

Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) in our Herbal Garden

Soil Reconditioning for Plantation

Caption for the video above
Caption for the presentation above