Your ultimate Guide to Door Types and Styles

A nicely designed sliding door is an easy way to add a creative touch to your home. When it comes to your backdoor there are a plenty of options available for you. However you need to choose the one that perfectly fulfills your needs and style preferences and for that, a little bit of research is required.

Different Types of Doors

Doors are known for their vital functional properties but that certainly does not mean they cannot be creative. Doors do have the ability to build or ruin the appearance of your space. Here is a list of different types of doors and their pros and cons provided by K. N. Crowder to make your selection process easy.

1. Sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors are popularly used in houses that have patio, pool and deck just outside the back door. They provide an extraordinary, unhindered view of outdoors and allow easy access to the home. Long curtains can also be added on a rod over the framework of the door to increase safety and decrease the amount of light that enters your room. Security is a major concern when it comes to glass doors. Sliding doors are an appropriate choice for backyard environments that have fenced yards or other natural barriers for a better privacy and security. While opting for sliding glass door hardware, people often get concerned about the tracks in which they slide as these tracks often come out of the place with regular use. However this issue can be easily fixed without much effort. To avoid any situation like that you need to make sure that your tracks are cleaned regularly and kept unobstructed.

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2. French doors

If you are looking for doors that will give you a nice view of the outdoors and also let lights enter your room, then French doors are the best option for you. However you need to choose a proper locking system that locks at three points-the top, bottom and centre. This is because the doors are prone to break-ins. With French doors, you also get the scope to install curtains, window coverings and shades to secure your private space and control the amount of light.

3. Dutch door

Dutch doors are a unique option for exterior backdoors. These doors are divided at the centre allowing it to be partially open. These doors are opaque and provide enough security while kept closed. On the other hand, you can enjoy cold breeze and a nice view when you open the top half of it. In order to avoid any kind of leaks you need to make sure that the bottom halves meet securely with no gaps.

4. Standard entry door

Standard entry doors are the most popular choice for front entries. Standard wood, fiberglass or metal doors are also common choices for exterior backdoors. Each type of materials has its own set of advantage and disadvantages. For instance, wooden doors require heavy maintenance while dents are difficult to remove from metal doors. When it comes to a front door you must keep your environment and requirements in mind while making the selection.

Now when you know about the positive and negative side of these doors, it will be easier for you to make a choice. Apart from your tastes and preferences, your budget should also be taken into account.