Concrete Leaf Casts

These concrete leaf casts are all unique - each one starts from an individual leaf, which is cast, and then hand painted using outdoor acrylic paints. Most are then sealed with a water proofer.

They can be used as decorative table pieces, both indoor and outdoor, bird baths, yard decorations, and much more! Most can be hung on a vertical surface using embedded hooks on the back.

I use a variety of leaves for my work, ranging from the miniscule Creeping Charlie and Wild Violet leaves to the enormous Burdock, Rhubarb, Elephant Ear, and Castor Bean.
Sizes vary from 1 inch to 28 inches.

Selected work

Below is a sample of the available leaves. For the smaller leaves I usually paint several in the same style, making for a nice set.
This is not an exclusive list of all leaves.

Cup Plant




Castor Bean




Elephant Ear (unfinished)

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