List of Services

It is the mission of KLIQ Radio to participate in and reflect the diversity of its community by presenting programs and services which address the community's education, information, cultural, and entertainment needs.






We're looking for people that are passionate about starting a career in radio. No crude language, violence or talks of killing and no gangster rap music/shows are played on our station.

If you're interested in starting up your own radio show and need some help getting things moving. We are a radio station that is ready to take you on. For only a small monthly fee we help get you into our studio to do live radio show 1 hour weekly. You can feel free to bring in any sponsors to support you and your show. KLIQ does not take any additional fees besides the monthly amount! You host your shows live out of our studio with our equipment and great staff. If you're interested in learning more, send an email with your information and we can set up a meeting.

The opportunity in a nutshell:

*We have a couple of 1 hour weekly timeslots available on our radio station and are looking to fill them with specialty radio programs.

*If you have a specialty or passion for a particular topic then we can turn it into a radio show for thousands to hear worldwide.

*This is not a paid job offer but there are lots of money making opportunities and great exposure.

*Our talk show hosts conduct their shows from our studio

*Here's your chance to get on radio. Don't miss this golden opportunity.

We are looking for family friendly specialty radio programs alike but NOT LIMITED TO the following:

*Health and wellness

*Sports- football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, etc...


*Faith / Inspirational

*Legal / Politics / Business

*Style / Self Improvement

*Environmental issues

*Gaming = video games, board games, chess, checkers, puzzles

*Computers, technology, electronics

*Holistic medicine