Kim Klinger-Logan

I sometimes wonder about women and their educational advantages today and how 100 years ago women had so little chance for education—and today do women strive for an education? I suppose those same questions will be coming up in the next 100 years.

~ Mary F. Winston Newson, quoted in the Pantagraph, April 1941

I am an Assistant Professor at Kansas State University whose first mathematics department chair was Dr. Mary Francis Winston Newson

My work investigates connections between number theory and physics and uses tools from the spectral theory of automorphic forms. I completed my PhD from the University of Minnesota in May 2019 under the advisement of Paul Garrett and my postdoctoral advisors were Stephen D. Miller , Fai Chandee, and Xiannan Li.

In addition to mathematics, I love weight lifting, hiking, climbing, running (but I am bad at it), yoga (but I am really bad at it), dogs, painting (but I never have time for it), and eating. I am passionate about mentoring the next generation and hope to one day see mathematics look like the real world. 

office hours: Thurs 1-2:20pm, Fri 10:30-12pm, and

by appointment

office: Cardwell Hall 113

e-mail: kklingerlogan (at)

I believe in the following axioms written by Professor Federico Ardila at San Francisco State University: