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"The Kiteflier is the official, quarterly magazine of the Kite Society of Great Britain.

Be careful what you order - it's not always as it seems!

Articles include - Jumbo Delta, Sparkling Xelon, Delta Conyne, Kites on Holiday.

Elephants, Owls, Witches, Mr. Tan, Sparkling Triangle, Maestro III sport kite, kiddie kites and more

Articles include - Coral Fish, Peter Powell remembered and the Prism Bora 7

Articles include - Basingstoke 2016, Kaixuan, Inflatable Tadpole a selection of inexpensive kites and Ultrafoil 30

Tributes to Alec Elliot, Cory Jenson. HQ Sleds, Ladybird, Skeleton kites, 32 metre Trilobite.

White Rabbit 5m, Hoffmann's Canard Delta, HQ Red Baron

Flying in Florida, HQ Ion, Pink 18metre Jellyfish

Trilobite world record attempt, Japanese warrior & Kimono, Chinese Dragon, HQ Buzz, Cruiser and Sting.

Big Beak (including plans) Green Jellyfish, Fulcrum, Hula Girl

Team Flying, 7 metre Flowform, Be careful of what is REEEALLY advertised - don't get fleeced - example shown.