Kitanna's Corner

If anyone would like to help with testing for Calin and or Navarra, or just to post thoughts please visit Calin's page here

Here you can find links to my BG2 mods. I am currently working on finishing Calin, only TOB content is left.

Neh'taniel is my first attempt at a mod. Tho I am not his creator, I am very proud of him and how he's evolved. I hope you enjoy him!

The main point of creating this mod is to introduce an NPC that isn't primarily one-sided in personality, has a whole history of his own, and isn't a pushover.

While Neh'taniel isn't easily bruise-able, he'll very easily die if you try to make him fight a dragon solo. Neh'taniel considers himself to be at the same 'level' of the PC, and will point out conflicting choices the PC makes.

The Sir Neh’taniel Mod Pack adds this to BGII:

+ Judicial Knight, Neh’taniel of the Amaunatori, is an NPC who can join your party.

+ He is Lawful Neutral, Wraith, and a Judicial Knight paladin class.

+ He will romance an elf, half elf, human, halfling or gnome female pc of non evil alignment if she is not a thief, or an NPC.

+ He comes with special abilities that grow stronger when he reaches certain levels.

+ He does not become abducted by Bodhi, something else happens....

+ He gets turned into something else in the Underdark....

+ His sword has dialogue, even with the only other talking sword in the game.

+ A journal that will update itself when certain levels of experience are reached. As well as "Read to the PC" talks related to his journal. **Not implemented yet

+ Custom items and spells oh my!

+ Custom paladin kit.

+ Yes, a cheesy theme song.

+ A voice pack.

+ Neh'taniel banters with many of the other joinable NPCs.

+ This mod also introduces other custom characters: Viduan and Sarie.

+ Restoration of the Bioware Slave Lord Quest.

This mod introduces Calin, a human Blade Master to BG II. Calin is neutral good and will romance a female who is Elf, Half-elf, Human and of non

evil alignment.

He has banters with all Bioware NPC's and a friendship track as well.

He has some crossmod content with Neh'taniel but only if Calin is installed after Neh'taniel.

Calin has a serious issue with thieve's and his comments through the game are harsh, but he has a reason for that. He will romance female thieve's but, he will ask the PC to make a sacrifice for the romance to happen... if the PC has the thief stronghold.

IF the PC is a thief, but doesn't meet the romance requirements, he will leave the group if you accept the thief stronghold.

This release is SOA only but, he can be summoned by the fate spirit. TOB will coming soon.

This mod is designed to work with Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack.

This mod was tested with Gavin, Ajantis, RE, BG tweaks, Item Upgrade, IEP Banters, Neh'taniel, Faren, Dungeon Be Gone, Edwin Romance, CoM encounters,

DarkRitual, Undying and Tactics.

Calin NPC Mod for SOA

TOB coming soon

Navarra NPC Mod Coming Soon!