PhD Student

IIT Kanpur

About Me

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Chemistry from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Although I am a reserved individual, I am also friendly and approachable, and I always welcome engaging in scientific discussions and collaboration requests.

My research work focuses on Syntheic Organic Chemistry with projects focusing on Visible light Photoredox Catalysis. I am deeply passionate about my work, and I always strive to produce high-quality results. I am a diligent and detail-oriented researcher, and I take great pride in the contributions that I have made in this field.

Apart from my work, I enjoy pursuing my hobbies of music and cycling. Cycling is a great way for me to stay fit and unwind after a long day of research, while music helps me relax and focus my mind.

I am always open to collaboration requests and look forward to making valuable contributions to the scientific community.

Please find my CV here.

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