Kirk Okumura


Instructional Designer

Coatesville, PA, USA




I have over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, with 4.5 years as an office manager and financial planner. Currently, I am the Program Director for the Financial Services Certified Professional (FSCP) program at The American College of Financial Services, which focuses on providing new financial professionals the essential skills and knowledge they need to successfully establish their practice. My portfolio showcases the work I have done as an instructional designer to develop engaging learning materials, assessments, and e-learning solutions. 

Creating applied financial knowledge...

Skills: Writing, Instructional Design, Financial Planning

Selected work


Instructional video

I designed and developed this instructional video. I created learning objectives, a storyboard, the content (as the SME), the PowerPoint presentation, and script. 

Tools Used: MS PowerPoint and Adobe Premiere Pro

Attribution: Music created by Elijah Okumura.


I created this storyboard for the course, Preparing for Financial Emergencies. 

Tools Used: MS PowerPoint

Attribution: The Instructional Design Company created the storyboard template used in this project.

Click on this link. Then download the file to view it in PowerPoint; Google Slides doesn't display it correctly.


I developed an eLearning version of Preparing for Financial Emergencies. I developed everything in Articulate 360, adding knowledge check questions and a few reflection questions. 

Tools Used: Articulate 360, MS PowerPoint, and Adobe Premiere Pro

Attribution: The Instructional Design Company. created the Articulate 360 template used for this course. Music was created by Elijah Okumura.