I can support or drive following activities

Ideation / Industrial design

Often the mechanical part of product development starts with an ID from a designer. It comes as surface model

It's the mechanics job to turn this into something that can be used and produced

It's important to continue the close collaboration with the designers to avoid compromises on the design or mechanics


The concept phase is where innovation is introduced into the product

All ideers needs to be evaluated and only the best should be selected

Hand drawings and fast CAD moddels is the tools for this phase

Mechanical design

When the concept is selected the solution is detailed in CAD

It's important to to make a healthy CAD model from the beginning

If changes is needed later this can be implementer fast and efficient without serious problems

CAD programs supported - Solidworks - Creo - Inventor/ Fusion - Onshape

Drawings / Documentation

Making healthy production documentation is art form. If done correctly it has major advantages

Having the right balance between need and must haves is the key

Drawing needs to have the important funktionel features defined and no more

This ensures that everything fits the first time its assembled and there after

Prototyping / Production

It's often a good ideer to prototype the solutionens that has been designed

A prototype can give information on how vel the virtual design performes in the real world

It can be used for assembly test, usertest and strengt test and much more

Prototypes is also the best presentation piece for project stakeholders and can give them confidence in a product