King Arthur Webquest


Hail and welcome, ye brave knights!

You are about to embark on a very important journey - one where you will be responsible for investigating the legend and mystery behind the great King Arthur!

You will study his life, learn about the Knights of the Round Table, conduct your own search for the Holy Grail, and find out what society was like during medieval times.


Your quest begins soon. You will be working in teams of four. Each member of the team will be responsible for reading the information on the sites, putting together the information you have read, and completing a note-taking handout and source citation sheet documenting what you have learned. Once you have completed your individual research, you and your team will cooperatively make a slide presentation on King Arthur and medieval times.


Begin your adventure by examining the following sites. Remember to take notes on what you have learned. Search for important details from 2-3 websites listed under your group role. Your group members will need your information to complete the final project. Read over the sites carefully, note important information, and do not forget to document your sources! When you have completed your research, you will meet with your group to discuss what you have learned, and to begin creating your slide presentation.

Your adventure begins.......


Try the following websites when searching for images to include in your slide presentation:

King Arthur Graphic Images and Photos

Medieval Clipart and Illustrations

Middle Ages Historical Pictures



You have survived your journey. I hope that during this voyage, you have learned more about medieval culture, particularly about the mysterious King Arthur, the brave and chivalrous Knights of the Round Table, and the legendary Holy Grail. Now it's time for you to answer this question:

Was King Arthur real...or just a legend?